Alpina Alpiner Quartz

Alpina Alpiner Quartz is a men's watch of simple elegance. Its dial is monochromatic dark blue, black or white. The hours are marked by simple dashes. However, the seconds are not only marked in an outer ring on the edge of the dial, but also written above the line as a two-digit number. Immediately below the twelve o'clock line, there's the Alpina logo and below that, the inscription "Alpina 1883 Geneve". The stroke itself is not even shortened for this and remains clearly recognizable. However, the six o'clock stroke is shortened. This creates space for the date display window above it.

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Waterproof Swiss quality workmanship

Perhaps the shortening of the six o'clock stroke would not have been necessary if there were no other inscriptions above the date display. We'll have to forgive Alpina for that, though, as it's the model name Alpiner and the information "100m/330FT". If the latter doesn't mean anything to you, it's an indication of the depth to which the watch is water resistant, information of which Alpina is probably justifiably proud and which may also be useful to the wearer should he or she spontaneously decide to go swimming. To the left and right of the six o'clock stroke, you'll also find the words "SWISS MADE" to once again confirm to us - and to you - that this is a genuine Swiss watch.

Linguistic confusion?

Like Switzerland itself, the Alpina Alpiner Quartz seems to speak several languages. For example, we in the German-speaking world immediately understand the model name Alpiner Quartz. The Swiss made inscription, on the other hand, is clearly English. It announces to the whole world that the watch was produced in Switzerland. Geneve, however, is neither German nor English. It is the French name of the city of Geneva, which would be Geneva in English. This is probably because Geneva is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, so it is the correct name of Alpina's hometown.