Alpina Startimer Shadow Line

The models of the new Shadow Line watch series have been available since November. The Alpina Startimer Shadow Line comprises a total of five different watch models. All wristwatches are equipped with a dark grey or dark blue dial. In addition to some automatic models, the luxury watch manufacturer also offers quartz models. Apart from the dark dial, a common feature of all Alpina Startimer Shadow Line luxury wristwatches is the remarkable stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 millimetres, fitted with an eye-catching crown and the innovative E-strap bracelet. The dial is combined with either a rose gold-plated or black case. All models are equipped with three hands.

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Currently available Alpina Startimer Shadow Line watches

Clip bracelet with innovative technology

Visually, the E-Strap is indistinguishable from a conventional genuine leather strap. The characteristic feature is that a variety of technology is housed in the clasp. The technical features allow the wearer to connect the Alpina Startimer Shadow Line to their smartphone and use the classic functions of calorie counter, activity and sleep tracker.

Movements of the various Alpina Startimer Shadow Line wristwatches

The two chronographs in the Alpina Startimer Shadow Line watch family are equipped with quartz movements. In addition, three other wristwatches are offered with automatic movements. The two automatic watches with their black PVD-coated cases look confusingly similar. The most striking wristwatch from the Alpina Startimer Shadow Line wristwatch family is the Pilot Startimer Automatic Shadow Line model. The rose gold-plated stainless steel case forms a beautiful contrast to the dark grey dial. The numerals are also framed by delicate rose gold-coloured lines and coated with luminescent black material.

Things to know about the luxury watch manufacturer Alpina

The Swiss luxury watch brand Alpina was founded in 1883. The company is one of the pioneers of the Swiss luxury watch industry. In the long history of the company, this luxury watch manufacturer developed a multitude of calibre innovations and received countless patents for them. Alpina luxury watches cost 495 - 3,995 euros. The trademark of this renowned Swiss manufacturer is a red triangle.