Bulgari Lucea

Exquisite craftsmanship, breathtaking design, distinctive geometric shapes, exclusive sophistication and radiant glamor characterize the luxury watches from the product family " Bulgari Lucea". Inspired by the iconic Bulgari Serpenti motif, the filigree "snake's head", the supple designer bracelet made of precious, polished precious metal caresses the feminine case as well as the rounded dial and captivates with the help of its sensual feel.

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Currently available Bulgari Lucea watches

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Bulgari Lucea - Watches for a radiant, clear, noble look of superlatives

Watches from the model series "Bulgari Lucea" are also inspired by the pioneering sundials developed in ancient Greece, and thanks to their special case, bring the fascination of the sundial to life in style. Lucea jewelry watches absorb light purposefully, are therefore born out of brightness and radiance, and live from their extraordinary brilliance, which never loses its original power. Characteristic of the collection "Bulgari Lucea" is therefore the clear, unmistakable design that authentically merges the modernity of Rome, the luminosity of the sun and the traditional heritage of the "eternal city".

Precious gems, iconic design and exclusive precious metals give the watches their exceptional character...

The crown of each Lucea watch is set in a graceful, precious cabochon setting with pink gemstones and exclusively enhanced by a flawless, radiant diamond. Brilliant cut diamonds, precious metal cases and links of rose gold complete the look of the shiny jewelry watches. Lucea watches are available with either quartz or mechanical movements, as well as skeleton designs and classic looks.

Bulgari, the epitome of high-end jewelry that inevitably enchants.

The Italian, Rome-based luxury brand "Bulgari" has acted as a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship, spectacular creations, exciting material combinations and precious materials since its foundation in 1884. The legendary Roman sense of grace and beauty, the grace of the "eternal city" and the luminosity of the sun have always served as sources of inspiration for the jewelry creation of the brilliant pieces. At the same time, social responsibility, sustainability, responsible product quality and conflict-free and ethical supply chains act as important building blocks and driving forces for the company's own identity. The Italian luxury label, which continuously feeds the international jewelry industry with groundbreaking, innovative impulses, follows the highest quality guidelines. Accordingly, the company acts in a demonstrably socially responsible manner and only processes gemstones and materials in its groundbreaking models that have been sourced and processed in a conflict-free and responsible manner.