Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

In February 2015, Frédérique Constant launched the Horological Smartwatch, an elegant watch model that combines the discreet appearance of a classic, high-quality watch with the latest technical comfort. The Horological Smartwatch is available in a total of 19 different variants for him and her, whose elegant design fits perfectly into the range of luxury watches from Frederique Constant. The watches are compatible with the iOS as well as Android operating systems and offer the wearer numerous functions of vital data measurement and reminder management - with a constant focus on distinguished unobtrusiveness.

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Currently available Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch watches


With the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch, the watch manufacturer offers the first Swiss watch model that combines the functionalities of a smartwatch with the design of an analog chronograph. The round stainless steel case, 42 millimeters in diameter, is combined with an exquisite leather or metal strap, depending on the design line. Analog hands move on the dial, which is kept in simple shades and is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal used for the cover.


The functions of the Horological Smartwatch models by Frédérique Constant were equipped based on the highest requirements for daily use. The accompanying app, which connects the smartphone's operating system to the watch, can be operated in six languages - including German. The Frédérique Constant smartwatch automatically adjusts the time and date display to the settings of the connected smartphone, which is especially helpful when traveling. With a battery life of at least two years, constant charging can also be spared. As soon as text messages, emails or phone calls arrive on the connected smartphone, they are discreetly indicated by vibration as well as predefined hand positions. The integrated activity meter records distances covered and the calories burned as a result. With an activated movement reminder, the wearer never forgets his athletic goals. Some models have an analog display integrated on the dial that shows the achievement of the personal exercise goal in percentage terms. The measurement of vital data enables, among other things, an analysis of the individual sleep rhythm during the night. Based on the results of the analysis, a rest plan specifically tailored to the wearer can be created, guaranteeing efficient and at the same time healthy rest for the body. The collected data is transmitted to the connected smartphone via Bluetooth technology and is transferable to a cloud solution to ensure that it is not lost even if the watch or smartphone is lost. The Frédérique Constant smartwatch can be called not only a high-quality watch with a top design, but in addition a digital fitness tracker, which, depending on the model, has a coaching function that helps the wearer to achieve their athletic goals.

The movements

The Frédérique Constant company was founded in 1988. Located in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, near Geneva, the manufacture stands for high-quality luxury watches with a classic, simple design. The brand's watch movements are exclusively manufactured in-house. This is where traditional watchmaking meets technical know-how. Innovative manufacturing processes guarantee that the movement, the casing of the watch, as well as the quality control and the programming of digital data all come from a single source. Thus, the watches meet the highest standards of exquisite materials and excellent workmanship.