Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Classics Men

Swiss company Frédérique Constant has stood for affordable luxury since its first watch collection in 1992 and aims to make Swiss watchmaking even more accessible to a wider range of customers. The brand places great emphasis on fine materials and high quality, which is why every step of production takes place in-house and manufacturing is intensively controlled. In addition, cutting-edge design plays an important role at Frédérique Constant as the collections are created by ever more exquisite designers.

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Currently available Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Classics Men watches

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The smartwatch for men

Now Frédérique Constant has taken the next step and created the Horological Smartwatch for Gents, with which you can connect your smartphone. Track your movement and sleep with the smartwatch and optimize your daily habits! What's special about Constant's model? The watch is available in numerous different designs, and there is something suitable for every gentleman. Whether strikingly large or discreetly narrow, light or dark dial, numerals or just hour markers, stainless steel or leather strap, silver or gold bezel, playful or clean design - you have a huge choice. Enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch without sacrificing the look of the classic elegant wristwatch thanks to smart sensors and the absence of a touchscreen! Find now the smart piece of jewelry that best suits you and your style and meets your personal requirements. What's more, the Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch for Gents is available for as little as €795, making it a real steal in terms of value for money.