Hamilton Ventura

In 1957, the world's first electric watch - and today it is still an extraordinary eye-catcher: the reinterpreted Hamilton Ventura. Its triangular shape alone, which is based on the tail fins of American car models from the 1950s, is guaranteed to catch everyone's eye. While unusual, it is still elegant, somewhat sporty and definitely legendary. With versions for men and women, a case in gold, silver or black and a strap in calfskin, textile, stainless steel or rubber, the Ventura collection from 2015 offers the right model for every watch lover.

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Reinvented in 1957

The Hamilton Ventura collection revives the flair of the past and demonstrates that the brilliance was never tarnished. Back in 1961, the then version of the Ventura was a real bestseller, partly because of its appearance in the movie "Blue Hawaii", where it was worn by music legend Elvis Presley. To mark the 80th birthday of the "King of Rock 'n' Roll", the model is now experiencing its rebirth. Technically completely new equipped, the design has remained very close to the original. This is probably the main reason why even the new Ventura collection is still called the Elvis watch among fans.

This is what Hamilton stands for

The best of both worlds: The trend-setting, innovative design from America is combined with the precision of Swiss watchmaking in the high-quality watches of the Hamilton brand. A native of Pennsylvania, the company blazed its trail from watches for the U.S. Army to pilot's watches to Hollywood timepieces. They were so successful at every stage of their development that, for example, the pilot watches made Hamilton the official brand of many American airlines. With the more recent collections, Hamilton not only made it onto big screens in movies and television, but the watches also found great popularity with many movie stars in their private lives. With their wide selection of mechanical, automatic and quartz watches, Hamilton offers designs for every taste.