Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto

With the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto, the watch manufacturer Hamilton introduced one of its most unusual wristwatches. Its triangular case shape is anything but ordinary and made the former Ventura Auto really famous in 1957. But the inner workings of this extraordinary timepiece are anything but ordinary, too!

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Currently available Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto watches

The special features:

Star potential first came to the Ventura Auto from Hamilton in 1961, when Elvis Presley wore this stunning watch on his wrist in the movie "Blue Hawaii" but also at his many concert appearances and everyday affairs. In 2015, the watch manufacturer launched the Ventura Elvis80 Auto in memory of rock star Elvis on his 80th birthday. With the incredibly precise H-10 automatic movement and an 80-hour power reserve, this timepiece really impresses on all levels. There are plenty of different design versions for watch lovers to choose from. From classy stainless steel cases complete with stainless steel bracelets, there are also rockier variants with genuine rubber leather straps in black, brown or white. Particularly breathtaking is the open case back with its outstanding craftsmanship engravings. A look at the inner workings only hints at the incredible precision that goes into this fancy timepiece. With a water resistance of up to 5 bar or 50 meters, the watch can easily stay on your wrist even in the shower or while swimming.

Ultimate Highlights:

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto is a true icon and its numerous highlights are guaranteed to make any watch lover's heart beat faster:

- Precise automatic caliber H-10

- Noble stainless steel case

- Watch glass made of solid sapphire crystal

- 80 hours power reserve

- Open and stunning case back

- Water resistance of up to 5 bar or 50 meters depth

- High quality and reliable buckle

The futuristic Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto is the perfect timepiece for those who want to wear something fascinating and extraordinary on their wrist. Simply put, it's the perfect wristwatch for all the rock stars and Elvis Presley fanatics among us.