Omega Constellation Manhatten 29mm

The Omega Constellation Manhattan 29 mm is the widest model in the Constellation Manhattan series with its 29-mm diameter. This makes it even more legible than the Constellation Manhattan models already are, and perhaps that's why it's the only one to also carry a date display. It is located quite inconspicuously at the six o'clock position in place of the diamond that marks the other hour positions. Accordingly, the display is round and shows the number in black on a white background. Another difference from its sister models is that the Omega Constellation Manhattan 29 mm does not have a stamped planetarium logo on the back.

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Currently available Omega Constellation Manhatten 29mm watches

Co-Axial Master

A modification of the usual logo, the Omega Constellation Manhattan 29 mm bears the series name Constellation just below the Omega logo in the twelve o'clock position. Nevertheless, the Constellation star is present above the date display. The inscription above it, however, reads "Co-Axial Master Chronometer". This indicates that this watch is powered by a Caliber Omega 8700 gear. It is a self-winding watch with 50-hour running time reserve and magnetic field protection. This unusual gear is also the reason for the absence of the typical Constellation planetarium on the back. In its place, the Omega Constellation Manhattan 29 mm allows you to take a look at the gear itself and observe its movements.

Swiss watch quality

Omega SA is a watch manufacturer from the Swatch Group based in Biel/Bienne in the Swiss canton of Bern. It has been producing watches of special resilience and first-class quality there since 1848. Omega is the manufacturer of the first wristwatch on the Moon and also the watches of James Bond. However, these were not Constellation models. That said, the Omega Constellation Manhattan 29 mm is also a robust watch with specially scratch-resistant glass and a case and bracelet made of durable steel. You can also rely on the accuracy of a watch made by the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.