Omega Constellation Manhatten Quartz 25mm

The Omega Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25 mm is one of the most beautiful and classy ladies' watches on the market. Built from durable "steel on steel", it is nowhere near as fragile as its delicate exterior would have us believe. Since the watch band itself is also made of steel, the entire watch is metallic light gray and can thus be worn neutrally with any style or color of clothing. Color variations come from different colored dials and some models also use gold on steel. The classiest models in the series bear real diamonds to mark the hours, but more subtle versions with metallic dashes are also available.

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Currently available Omega Constellation Manhatten Quartz 25mm watches

Clear and distinct

All Omega Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25 mm versions have in common a monochrome dial in white or black. Immediately below the 12 o'clock dash or 12 o'clock diamond, you'll find the Greek letter Omega and below that, written out in the Western alphabet, the word OMEGA. Symmetrically, above the 6 o'clock diamond is a star and above that the model series name Constellation. The hands are made of different materials depending on the model, but they all stand out clearly from the dial without diminishing the delicate overall impression of the watch. Many models also have Roman numerals on the edge which make reading the time even faster and easier.

A watch for astronomers?

Rarely visible, but truly worth seeing, is the engraving on the back of the watch. There you will find the image of a planetarium surrounded by eight stars in a ring and above it, outside the ring, once again the series name Constellation. So, is the Omega Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25 mm specifically designed for astronomers or stargazers? Probably not, since it does not track moon phases or other celestial bodies. However, the word constellation and the design on the back is probably meant to make it clear to us that it means a constellation of stars. In addition, it is a distinguishing feature for the authenticity of the watch.