Omega Constellation Manhatten Quartz 28mm

The Omega Constellation Manhattan Quartz 28 mm is an unmistakably expensive and classy watch at first glance. With its large, monochrome dial in white, black or even real gold, it is also practical and comfortable to read. The hands are wide and clearly visible at the bottom and taper upwards to an elegant and graceful tip. With hour markers made of gold or in the shape of embedded diamonds, the watch is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a useful timepiece. At the twelve o'clock position, like all Omega watches, it bears the familiar logo of the Swiss watchmaker, and at the six o'clock position, it bears the Constellation series' own logo.

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Currently available Omega Constellation Manhatten Quartz 28mm watches


Constellation means a constellation of stars, as can be seen from the star symbol in the logo and also from the planetarium stamped on the back of the watch. The watches of the Constellation series thus appeal to both the scientific spirit of research and the imaginative dreamer. They make us think of the progress made in discovering the secrets of space and dream of strange worlds and civilizations that might exist out there. Swiss watchmaker Omega has been selling watches under the Constellation name since 1952, and they've carried the star logo for just as long, even though the look of the watch has always changed with fashion.


Manhattan is the central borough of New York. Here you will find the skyscrapers, where some of the largest corporations in the world have their New York offices. But here is also Broadway, the mecca of the musical scene. The serious business world meets the flashy world of artists and it's busy day and night. Manhattan is the financial center of the USA and at the same time often a place like from another world. So what better name would fit one of the most expensive subfamilies of Constellation watches?