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Seven different collections unfold charm and individuality in the portfolio of the Italian designer and luxury watch manufacturer. While the quality features and technical features of U-BOAT watches are uniform, their orientation towards individual user requirements is just as differentiated. From spring 2015, the luxury watch specialist HORANDO will be offering the exceptional timepieces from Italo Fontana two stages: online and stationary. In the elegant showroom in Bamberg, interested parties can admire the spectacular U-BOAT models up close and (usually) experience for the first time how it feels to wear an exquisite U-BOAT watch on their wrists. By the way, this is also a wise choice for left-handers, because the U-42 also nestles smoothly to the right.

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U-42, Chimera, Black Swan, U-1001, Thousands of Feet, Classico or Flightdeck?

Of course numerous important manufacturers of luxury watches share the market, of course also several specialized stores, of course watch purchase on the Internet is now a matter of course. But not every label has such a distinctive identity, an unmistakable story, such an incorruptible image as U-BOAT watches are and as their clientele wishes. It is therefore essential that the wearers of a U-BOAT luxury watch identify with the brand statement even before purchase. U-BOAT offers this identification platform through the uniqueness of design, material, idea potential, design originality. Minimalism and trenchant formal language, the reduction to the Essentials appeal to men who also face a rougher wind. Even cool women have discovered their love for oversized, unusual wristwatches that pamper the beautiful sex with rubies or diamonds in addition to the usual excellent quality.

U-BOAT U-42 Unicum - tipico italiano

The face of the U-BOAT brand is essentially shaped by the story that preceded the founding of the manufactory at the turn of the millennium. When grandfather Ilvo set the ball rolling in 1942 with his avant-garde watch designs, which grandson Italo picked up 60 years later and steered in the right direction. The U-BOAT Italo Fontano U-42 Unicum (e.g. reference 6473) embodies the brand history like no other model series. Technically state-of-the-art, the watch was presented to the Italian Ministry of War in 1942 as a robust, highly reliable and indestructible secret weapon for the officers' equipment of the Air Force and the submarine navy. The plans were well received, but not implemented. The U-BOAT U-42 was asleep for several decades. Today the meticulously handcrafted U-BOAT U-42 in a limited edition with serial number arouses desires as a collector's item. Typical for them is the fold-out and easy to operate crown on the left side of the case, which is usually provided with a case protection. Vintage-look hands give the unembellished dial in light, marbled or dark brown its stylish appearance. Titanium, stainless steel and precious metals make the case and dial indestructible, high-quality leather in used look guarantee wearing comfort and durability. If you are looking for variety, you can choose replacement watch straps made of calfskin or elephantskin with punched-in details - a tiny U-BOAT logo, minimalist skull, lily blossom.

Excellence even in the darkness of the deep

The timepiece for'whole guys' who are poled to "full speed ahead" also proves to be a sporty and multifunctional partner: the U-42 VNICUM 8088 can accompany its wearer undamaged down to a depth of 300 metres. Luminous numerals and luminous hands do not wear out even in dark waters, the ceramic markers on the 12 and on the quarter, half and three-quarter hour show with golden numbers what the hour beats. The remaining hour markings are decoratively designed with hemispheres. In short: the U-BOAT U-42 is an exception among luxury watches.

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