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Open your eyes when buying a watch: Why luxury watch and buyer should fit together


What is the magic of a noble wristwatch? It has many attributes, is timepiece, investment, collector's and collector's item, honorary gift, image factor, jewellery, heirloom, style icon. Many wearers do not feel complete until they have put on their favourite watch. It gives them the certain feeling of being themselves. How a few drops of your favourite perfume exert their suggestion a noble wristwatch has a style-forming effect. The wearer demonstrates that he belongs to a special class: dedicated, passionate watch lovers who make no compromises and do a lot to call their dream watch their own.




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Buying a watch is not an everyday occurrence - a watch is not an accessory like others

How often in life do you buy a new watch? A high-quality luxury wristwatch is comparable to a partner - perhaps not always for life, but for shorter or longer periods of life. Exceptional enthusiasts and collectors cannot get enough of one or two wristwatches, but complete their collection with different watch brands, all of which are cult in their own way. They give a brand luxury watch the appreciation that they also give to business partners and friends. For her, it is a concrete vision of outlasting time. It is also a question of priorities. In case of doubt more important than a luxury cruise, 1a alloy wheels or a stock package. Clothing is just as much a status as a luxury wristwatch, but is inferior to it in the value it has for its own identity. Clothing is more interchangeable and arbitrary and never so unique. The wardrobe contains a number of favourite items that emphasise the wearer's individuality, but they do not achieve the special style of a luxury brand watch.

The choice of the watch brand is like the decision for a professional training, one does not make it all too often in life, but what makes the absolute supremacy among the decorative elements is its unique history. Now one can object that even a brand shoe or a cooking stove has a long history. But if you keep in mind how many ingenious developers, great minds have devoted themselves to the clock, since people have been thinking about time measurement and calendar time management, you can recognize its exemplary character. The watch has brought about revolutions, explosive developments in the history of civilization, innovations, groundbreaking technological advances, without which our century would not be the century we live in.



The way from the sundial to the brand watch

Until 600 years ago, sundials were regarded as the timepieces par excellence. In 1580 Galileo Galilei observed the vibrations of a hanging lamp in front of the cathedral of Pisa. He measured and realized that the lamp took exactly a long time to return to the starting point, regardless of whether the distance covered changed. He experimented with pendulums, but the first pendulum clock was first invented by the Dutchman Christiaan Huygens in 1657. Now he "only" had to connect the pendulum to a mechanism that continued to drive the hands at even intervals and add a weight that rotated the coil. A revolution. Since 1859, a four-metre-long pendulum, famous for its accuracy, has been measuring the course of time in the clock tower of the "Big Ben" in the London Parliament building. At that time there was already the mechanical clock. It experienced a steep rise from the turn of the 20th century and a decline in the late 1970s, when the fully electronic quartz watch dominated the market. It was not until her rebirth in the late 1980s that she returned to the place she deserved.



Haute Horlogerie or the World Cultural Heritage

After the initial setback, which brought quite a few long-established watch manufacturers into economic turbulence, a strong awareness of the value of high-quality mechanical watches manufactured according to old handicraft traditions regained its hallmark with the embossing "Haute Horlogerie". Manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Blancpain or A. Lange & Söhne, Longines, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet made a special contribution to the re-strengthening of the mechanical watch. Belonging to the illustrious circle of haute horlogerie manufacturers requires not only excellence in manufacturing and meticulous skill but also the far-reaching competence to design and produce watches independently. Outstanding manufacturers are able to master demanding productions such as rattapante and drag hand chronographs and to present watch models, which are characterised by refined complications such as moon phase, perpetual calendar, world time, equation and minute repeater. In 2005, renowned watch manufacturers founded the "Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie", to which a large number of renowned manufacturers have now joined. It upholds the culture of the watchmaking guild and keeps the triad of innovation, craftsmanship and savoir-vivre fresh. Watchmaking is understood as a legacy, a gift from the past that is passed on to the future through the present. But it is also very practical, informing watch connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts, promoting special watchmaking talents and training specialists. A kind of think-tank or alma mater of high watchmaking art.



How HORANDO goes stalking for you

HORANDO has the claim to bring watch enthusiasts in search of the ultimate luxury wristwatch (none for everyone, special for each individual) to the target. Experience, ambition, best industry knowledge and a high service understanding of the dedicated online specialist shop, which has been operating on two tracks with its showroom in Bamberg since summer 2015, speak for themselves. In the watch universe between classics, long sellers, high nobility, avant-garde, newcomers and sophisticated Belle Etage, between current models of the market leaders Rolex, Omega, TagHeuer and Breitling, HORANDO faces the challenge of finding selected references from Officine Panerai, IWC, Cartier and Jaeger LeCoultre and dream rarities on the market. With success and to the delight of watch buyers who are captivated by rare and limited models. The buyer's request has top priority, even if HORANDO contributes its expertise. Emerging newer brands and luxury watch manufacturers that are already approaching the top segment also have their traditional place in the portfolio.

Do not hesitate to send us your unusual ideas of the ultimate brand luxury watch - we see it sporty and leave no stone unturned for you. Each case reflects our own "hunting passion", and again and again we experience it as our own moment of satisfaction when we place a selected rarity or rare treasure in the right hands. In the labyrinth of luxury watch brands that claim all uniqueness and value for themselves and each one is unusual and exclusive in its kind it requires a little guidance. Newcomers are grateful for a companion who can give the decisive brand advice against the background of expert knowledge and industry insight. Old hands" also benefit from the many years of experience and international networking of HORANDO professionals. There are brand watches that do their duty in everyday life in an exemplary manner. Exquisite manufacturers who distinguish themselves in many ways in their business activities, also as sponsors of sport, art and research, and who manufacture luxury watches, the acquisition of which causes palpitations. And there is the dream of an overwhelming watch that you only make once in a lifetime (or twice ;-) What type of watch buyer do you belong to?

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