Rolex Batgirl vs Batman
Stefan Sebök, last updated on 02/12/2024

From Coke and Sprite to Kermit, Fat Lady and Root Beer: Rolex watches often have nicknames that every true watch connoisseur can immediately associate with the respective Rolex model. The GMT-Master II Batman and Batgirl timepieces are among the models with distinctive nicknames. In this article, we take a detailed look at these two Rolex models and discuss the differences between the luxury watches.

The origin of the names: Why Batgirl and Batman?

The Rolex GMT-Master II with the reference 116710BLNR - called Batman - owes its name primarily to its color scheme. This special watch from the Swiss manufacturer has a two-tone bezel. One half of the bezel is black, the other blue - a visually very interesting combination.

The name Batman goes back to the masked superhero from the DC universe. He appears as an action hero at night and lives the "normal" life of a super-rich man during the day. The blue part of the bezel thus symbolizes the day, while the black half stands for the night, when the character Bruce Wayne goes on the hunt for villains wearing a mask and cloak as the "Batman".

The slightly more feminine version of the GMT-Master II in a blue and black look - the Rolex reference 126710BLNR - is accordingly called Batgirl. The origin of the name is simply due to the fact that it is the more delicate, newer "little sister" of the Batman.

Rolex Batgirl vs Batman: What are the main differences?

If you look at the two watches side by side and compare them, the layman may hardly notice any difference at first glance. But there are significant, albeit small, differences that separate Rolex Batgirl and Batman. For example, the minute hand on the Rolex Batgirl is slightly longer than on its older equivalent. In addition, the newer Rolex Batgirl is equipped with a delicate Rolex crown at the lower edge of the dial - a detail that is missing on the Rolex Batman.

However, the biggest difference probably relates to the bracelet. The Batgirl has a Jubilé bracelet with an Oysterlock safety folding clasp. This five-row bracelet has a particularly elegant look and nestles comfortably on the wearer's wrist. The older Rolex reference 116710BLNR, on the other hand, is worn on a three-row and somewhat simpler Oyster bracelet.

The art of Rolex design: How is this reflected in Batgirl and Batman?

In terms of design, the two GMT-Master II watches from Rolex immediately catch the eye with the aforementioned two-tone bezel. This lends the timepieces a unique look and - contrary to what one might initially assume - does not cause any visual disturbance. Rather, the combination of black and blue emphasizes the harmonious symmetry of the Rolex watch and spices up its appearance with a pinch of sporty extravagance. In both Rolex models, the individual components, such as the hands, the luminous indices and the otherwise straightforward dial, unfold their full potential in combination. The result: both Batman and Rolex Batgirl are real eye-catchers that effortlessly enhance any outfit.

Materials and workmanship: are there differences in quality?

The classic Rolex Batman is mainly made of two materials: Stainless steel and ceramic. The bracelet and case are made of stainless steel, while the rotating bezel is made of Cerachrom. This is a special ceramic material that is considered to be particularly resistant. Cerachrom is not only scratch-resistant and amazingly corrosion-resistant, but also UV-resistant. In other words, sunlight, shocks and other external influences cannot do much harm to a Cerachrom bezel like the one integrated into the Rolex Batgirl and its predecessor.

For years, Rolex only worked with single-colored ceramic bezels. The reason: it was not yet technically possible to process Cerachrom in two colors in watches. It was not until 2013, around eight years after the introduction of the Cerachrom material, that Rolex succeeded in creating a bezel in two colors with the release of the 116710BLNR Batman. An absolute novelty that certainly contributed to the fact that the Rolex GMT-Master II in this version instantly became one of the most sought-after Rolex models.

As far as the materials and their finish are concerned, the "Batman vs. Batgirl" comparison reveals no differences. The Rolex Batgirl also has a stainless steel bracelet and case as well as the characteristic Cerachrom bezel.

Focus on technical aspects: which watch has better functions?

In terms of functions and "inner values", the Rolex Batgirl and Batman also initially appear to be similar. Both Rolex models are water-resistant to 100 meters, have a date display, are equipped with a second time zone and have a powerful automatic calibre. On closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that the calibers are actually different. The Batman is powered by a caliber 3186, which has a 50-hour power reserve. The newer Rolex Batgirl, on the other hand, houses the anti-magnetic calibre 3285, with a power reserve of 70 hours thanks to an optimized chrono energy escapement. In terms of movement, the Rolex Batgirl is therefore one step ahead.

Rolex Batgirl vs Batman: Which model suits which lifestyle?

One thing is certain without a doubt: if you want a functional, visually striking and luxurious sports watch, you can't go wrong with either the reference 116710BLNR or the GMT-Master II 126710BLNR (Rolex Batgirl). The two high-quality watches from Rolex impress with first-class functions and an extremely successful design. The decision between the two Rolex models can therefore be a difficult one.

Basically, the reference 116710BLNR is more straightforward and even sportier than the Rolex Batgirl. The latter version is more elegant thanks to the Jubilé bracelet and tends more towards a dress watch, whereas the older version with the Oyster bracelet retains its uncompromising sportiness and straightforwardness. The choice between Rolex references 116710BLNR and 126710BLNR is therefore best made on the basis of personal taste.

The question of price: Which model offers the better value for money?

Every Rolex GMT-Master II has its price, and Batman and Batgirl are no exception. The list price for the Batgirl is currently €10,500 - a price for which you can only get the watch directly from a dealer. If you buy via the secondary market, you can expect to pay considerably higher prices of between €14,000 and €20,000. The Rolex Batman can no longer be purchased at list price, as its production has been discontinued or replaced by the production of the 126710BLNR. As a result, even more drastic price developments can be observed here, with a strong upward trend.

Ultimately, you get pure quality for your money with both Rolex references. The Batgirl has the technically more powerful caliber, but the Rolex Batman is likely to be even more interesting for collectors due to its enormous scarcity and discontinued production. As is typical for Rolex, the price-performance ratio of both watches is equally reasonable in view of their quality and functionality.

Collector's value and availability: Which watch is more desirable?

As already mentioned, reference 116710BLNR in particular arouses the interest of collectors. As the first Rolex with a two-tone bezel at the time, this version is historically more striking and also rarer, as it is no longer produced. Nevertheless, the availability of the Rolex Batgirl can also be classified as rather poor. If you want to buy this watch from a concessionaire, you will have to wait for years.

More about nicknames of Rolex watches

In addition to the Rolex Batgirl and the Batman, there are numerous other Rolex timepieces that are known by memorable nicknames. For example, there is the Rolex GMT-Master II "Pepsi" with a bezel in red and blue, the bright blue Rolex Submariner Date "Smurf" or the legendary Rolex Gold Cosmograph Daytona 116588TBR, which is reverently called the "Eye of the Tiger". All of these Rolex watches are characterized by certain visual features that have given them unique names.


The history of Rolex is characterized by novelties, historical achievements and innovations that amaze every watch connoisseur. With their unique blue and black Cerachrom bezel, the Rolex Batgirl and Batman timepieces therefore fit in perfectly and are worthy additions to the list of famous Rolex watches. The two models stand out from each other through small differences, but also have a lot in common - above all their huge popularity.

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