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we are pleased to welcome you to our HORANDO magazine. Our team of international watch enthusiasts works with joy and passion on the various reports around the fascinating timepieces of this world. Below you will find an overview of our authors, who will provide you with exciting insights and stories about the watch scene of today and back then.

Whether a technical report or a lifestyle article - HORANDO Magazine, everything you need to know about watches!

Philipp Mayrhofer

Hello my name is Philipp. I actually had my first points of contact with luxury watches through YouTube and the many watch reviews that can be seen there. As a result, I was able to acquire extensive watch knowledge.

Sabine Meding

The broad topic of horology has always interested me, especially how multifaceted and varied the world of watches is. I love writing about the different brands and models and can no longer imagine life without watches. What I like best are models that display both the day of the week and the date. If the dial is also made of mother-of-pearl, the watch is perfect for me.

Stefan Sebök

During my school days I worked in the warehouse of an auction house and that was when I first came into contact with exclusive, mechanical watches. The fascination was born from that moment and has not let go of me to this day. So it was clear to me very early on that I wanted to learn more about the history and price development of watches - and of course I wanted to own an automatic watch at some point. (My absolute dream, unfortunately far away, was a Rolex GMT Master with the blue and red Pepsi bezel). During my studies, I took my first steps in trading used watches via various online marketplaces and was then able to afford a used Breitling Colt.

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