In 2003 Rolex released this model to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner collection.

The bezel appears in a fresh green, which quickly reminded aficionados of the Muppet figure Kermit.

Rolex Kermit

Coca Cola and Pepsi have always been in competition, so the next nickname was soon to come.

The Rolex "Cola" (engl. Coke) shows itself with a black - red bezel.

Rolex Coke

Originally, the blue and red bezel was intended to reflect the colours of the American airline PanAm in the 1950s, as the airline commissioned Rolex to design a watch that could display a second time zone.

For the passionate Rolex enthusiasts, however, this colour combination reminded them of the significant colours of the beverage brand Pepsi, which was as popular then as it is today. Even today, the nicknames of the Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II are still used.

Rolex Pepsi

Kermit the Frog was not the last character to have the honour of embodying a nickname from the Submariner series.

The bezel became a little darker and the dial was coloured in the same green. This is how the Rolex "Hulk" was created.

Rolex Hulk

Since the ceramic bezel is made of the colors blue and black, it could unfortunately not be named after a drink.

So the Rolex GMT has the nickname "Batman".

Rolex Batman

Before Cola and Pepsi, people knew the Root Beer, a drink that resembles the cream and brown bezel of the Rolex GMT Master II.

Rolex Root Beer

In addition to the Hulk and Kermit, another cartoon character shares the name with the Rolex Submariner: The Smurf.

This model is distinguished by its shiny blue bezel and dial.

Rolex Smurf

The country code (CC) indicates the country in which the watch was delivered. It is noted on the warranty card.

In watchmaking terminology, the raised ring at the edge of the dial is called a roe deerskin.

Rolex sports collections such as the Submariner line or GMT Master II are often equipped with a three-row metal bracelet. It is very sturdy and consists of the Oystersteel developed by Rolex. The end links are called "flush fit" and are characterised by their special snugness to the case. Oyster bracelets can be combined with the classic Oyster clasp as well as the special Oysterlock clasp.

A special bracelet, which consists of crescent shaped, three rows of links. It was originally created for the Rolex Day - Date models and, like the models themselves, is only made of precious metals. The bracelet got its nickname in the USA, because there many heads of state and celebrities like to choose this variation.

First made for the first Oyster Perpetual Datejust, the Jubilé bracelet became an icon. It consists of five rows and has a hidden crown clasp that makes it look very elegant.

The Rolex Daytona - series has among many other colors of the dial a particularly striking variation: bright dial with black totalizers. This colour combination reminds of the face of a panda bear.

Paul Newman - a magnificent actor with an affinity for watches. His wife, Joanne Woodward, gave him his first Rolex Daytona in the seventies. Since Newman had started racing, the watch was decorated with an engraving: DRIVE CAREFULLY, ME. So one of the many legends surrounding this model.

A Paul Newman Daytona is recognized by watch connoisseurs by its dial, which is distinguished from other Rolex cosmographs by the left-hand totalizer. This special combination can be found in various Rolex references. A real "Paul Newman" Rolex carries only the reference 6239, just like the actor's watch.

For those who like it striking, choose a Rolex 116595RBOW - or a Rolex Rainbow. This model is characterized by its distinctive appearance. 36 sapphires decorate the bezel of this model. They imitate the colour gradient of the rainbow. 11 baguette-cut, rainbow-coloured sapphires can be found on the dial. They mark the respective hours, with the 12 o'clock marker being identified by a Rolex - Insignia.

A special edition of the Rolex GMT Master is the Rolex "SARU". It owes its nickname to the striking bezel. It is set with blue sapphires and red rubies. SaRu.

Here, shark skin is used as material for the bracelet. The most common shark species for leather production are the sand tiger sharks and the silk sharks. The sales names are often pearl shark, coral shark or boroso.

A sandwich dial is, as the name suggests, made up of several layers. The lower layer appears in a light to luminescent colour, which shines through the index recesses of the darker, upper layer.

Describes an extremely rare model. Less than 20 pieces were produced. It is made of the purest rose gold. Thus the model lives up to its nickname.

This model was developed for car racing. Of course the Omega Speedmaster also found admirers in other spades. And so it was that in 1969, mounted on the outside of the space suit of the first man on the moon, it made a trip into space. Since then, this timepiece has had the affectionate nickname "Moonwatch".

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