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Character, elegance, functionality and design are only a few expressions that should not be missing in the description of the watch manufacturer EBEL. This company has been in business for more than 100 years and yet is still at the forefront of the industry. With always the latest watch technology, which is handcrafted at the highest level, EBEL inspires connoisseurs of the watchmaking art.

Stylish luxury watches for him and her

However, thanks to the female influence, the appearance of the watches produced in this way is not neglected. With finesse, flair and a consistent elegance, these watches convince men and women of all ages. Whether elegant or sporty, discreet or with 51 diamonds, classic or timeless - EBEL is the right watch manufacturer.

EBEL - Exclusive, Charming, Elegant, Luxurious

The company name of this Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches is indeed an acronym. Although the above adjectives are all perfectly suited to describe EBEL's high-quality watches, in reality EBEL is made up of the initial letters of the first and last name of its founder Eugène Blum, "E" as an abbreviation of the French word for "and" (et) and the initial letter of the last name of its founder Alice Lévy. This loving and later married couple founded the brand in 1911 in the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

When two are united

Blum was enthusiastic about technical know-how, functionality as well as fine craftsmanship and brought this into the joint designs. Lévy, on the other hand, was passionate and had a special eye for harmony, aesthetics and design. The motto EBEL - BEAUTY MARRIES FUNCTION (German: Schönheit heiratet Funktion) fits perfectly with this. Even today, EBEL's watch models combine these different approaches in perfect balance. High-quality materials, unmistakable design and proprietary movements have made EBEL famous and sought-after worldwide.

When looking at these watches, time is of secondary importance.

The luxury watch manufacturer EBEL has already launched five collections: Wave, Beluga, Sport classic, Brasilia and Discovery. Each of them has its own individuality, but at the same time remains a luxury watch from EBEL. Here is a brief overview:


40 diamonds in a round stainless-steel case and, depending on the version, 8 or 11 diamonds in the dial - that's how you enchant a woman. It is therefore understandable that there are no men's watches in this line.


Also, only available for ladies is the only watch model from EBEL with a rectangular watch case. This modern version adapts to the style of the woman wearing it.


In this collection you can discover ladies' and men's watches that are not overloaded with pomp but are discreetly luxurious. With a case size of 33mm for the ladies and 41mm for the men (with the exception of the Chronograph model, which is 43mm), less is clearly more.

Sport classic

As with sports, the same applies here as well: For everyone (ladies and gentlemen) there is the right one. This collection offers the most variations. With or without diamonds, with bracelet in stainless steel, in stainless steel with yellow gold or in stainless steel with rose gold, the choice is immense.


The unmistakable, uniquely curved links of the stainless-steel bracelet were probably the inspiration for the name of this luxury watch model. Exclusivity for men and women alike.

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