Rolex Milgauss

This watch is as tough as steel. The Milgauss from Rolex is made of an alloy of robust stainless steel, which is otherwise only used in aviation or chemical companies. This sturdy case makes the Rolex Milgauss particularly resistant to corrosion, withstands a pressure of 10 bars and is particularly easy to clean. Thus, this watch model of the Swiss company also preserves its elegance and functionality in extreme weather conditions. However, this is still not the highlight of this luxury watch from Rolex: the movement of the caliber 3131, specially made by Rolex, even resists magnetism.

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Anti-magnetic watch with character

Developers and researchers in particular often come into contact with magnetic forces in their laboratories. These do not have to have the magnetic strength of a particle accelerator, as between 50 and 100 gauss is already enough to throw the sensitive mechanics of a watch out of balance. In our technologically advanced world of smartphones and computers, the wearer of a luxury watch must expect to be exposed to magnetism even when in contact with everyday objects such as various appliances or the clasp of a handbag. This can really mess up the time display on the wrist.

Protected from external influences of all kinds

It was perhaps with some foresight that the watchmakers and engineers at Rolex addressed this very problem in the 1950s. They wanted to develop a luxury watch whose delicate mechanism would be completely shielded from external, magnetic influences. Rolex developed a watch with an important component made of ferromagnetic alloys, which thus formed a magnetic protection, a so-called "magnetic shield", for the inner workings of the luxury watch. The Swiss watch brand patented this innovation in 1956 and launched the first Rolex Milgauss in the same year. This watch model from Rolex actually carries its features in its name. The Rolex Milgauss can withstand magnetic interference up to a strength of 1,000 gauss ("mille" = French for thousand; "gauss" = unit of measurement for magnetic flux density) and maintains its chronometer accuracy. The claim that the Rolex Milgauss can withstand 1,000 gauss was confirmed as early as the 1950s by scientists at the CERN nuclear research institute in Geneva during their experiments.

Modern high-performance watch with a mechanical heart

The Rolex Milgauss has long since become a Rolex classic. Even though production of the Rolex Milgauss ceased in the 1980s, Rolex seems to have continued to tweak the watch model over the past 60 years, allowing it to be perfected and reissued two decades after the supposed end of production in 2007 and 2011. The old watch models from the 50s to 70s now have high collector value and are rather rare to find in watch online stores. However, the modern Milgauss from Rolex can be bought online like many other watches and is nothing more and nothing less than a modern high-performance watch with a mechanical heart that runs reliably even in extreme weather conditions. The coated hands and indices allow you to accurately read the time at a wide variety of lighting conditions. This makes the Milgauss model from Rolex made for regular use in areas of science, technology and research and is highly appreciated for its robustness and elegance not only by scientists.