As a watch specialist store, where you can purchase luxury watches on the internet and over the counter, HORANDO also wants to show its colors. Advocating for good taste, sense of style and stable value insignia of aesthetics and technical accuracy. Nothing is more transient than time. As the years advance, it becomes all the more precious. Time for the things and people that really count. Time to reflect on the beautiful things you want to surround yourself with in the long term, to give time its dignity. Then the right hour strikes to look for the ultimate watch, with which you want to share life. A luxury watch like the one U-BOAT offers us. A watch like none other.

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The Italian moments in life are (also) called U-BOAT

How come most of us get glowy eyes when the names of Italian fashion designers, directors or culinarians come up? Admittedly, the mix is a bit quirky. But Italianità - the artistry of the Mediterranean way of life - is also a bit out of this world. Far away from standardized normality. You have to be born into it or try to take part in it a little - the incomparable brand products that come to us from Italy make it possible. In the fifties, Chianti wine, straw hats and Sophia Loren films came over the Brenner Pass, and today it's extravagant fashion brands and luxury watches from Italian master craftsmen. Our southern neighbors are elegant above all in their simplicity, which they celebrate with unrivaled skill. Watches from U-BOAT are not exempt from this. They seem simple and yet they are a complex universe that takes new shoots on historical roots.

HORANDO and U-BOAT belong together

In terms of its function, the U-BOAT is multi-talented. The grandfather of the current owner Italo Fontana developed it on behalf of the Italian Ministry of War for front-line use by naval officers and air force. True to their character Marcello Mastrioanni, Giovanni Agnelli and Gianni Versace in personal union. Their hallmarks: outstanding design, XXL-sized and unmistakably present, left-sided bezel and extra-high case, a clear contrast in seemingly simple design, striking and distinctive with a small pinch of elegant arrogance, charming and sexy at the same time. How does it all go together? Size, strength and determination, a prominent chin and a high forehead - these are masculine features that women supposedly appreciate in men. A U-BOAT has everything a man needs.

The U-BOAT Classico - the strong one

This deep-sea watch is a grandiose timepiece not only for divers. This is where Italo Fontana lives out his passion for unusual material mixes and color plays: Precious metal meets rubber, carbon fiber ceramic, tobacco brown corresponds with yellow-green. The drive via the reliable Swiss ETA movement with automatic transmission and manual winding is legendary. Only a matter of time until the U-BOAT Classico will have reached the cult status of a Rolex, Omega or IWC, says HORANDO. The fact that the specialty store for luxury watches acts hybrid is directly related to the official concession of the master manufacture U-BOAT.

The U-BOAT Chimera - the mysterious one

Did Italo Fontana ever explain why he named the Chimera after the mysterious mythical creature of antiquity, composed of three different animals? A fantasy? A mystery? The clock with the different faces always manages to amaze viewers. Its appearance is as original as its technology is faithful. Power reserve of 28 hours, 30-minute counter, 60-second chronograph, crown with special protection - the Chimera does not deny its U-BOAT family affiliation. Understatement is not its thing.

The U-BOAT Thousands of Feet - the indestructible one

Depth. Substance. Richness of facets. Through the anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal back, you can watch the tirelessly ticking Swiss movement at work. The retro look of these amazing luxury watches should not hide the fact that the technology is the very finest of modern times. Italo Fontana's vision is especially evident in the black-coated stainless steel version, which boasts gold screws and an 18-karat gold bezel. The Thousands of Feet's portholes cite its deep-sea appeal. Everything about it is interpretable yet inexplicable. Bold color schemes in red, gold, orange, rubber and steel details demand the wearer's willingness to position themselves clearly.

The U-BOAT Flightdeck - falling out of time

It evokes legendary eras, bygone watch times and the dreams of previous generations. Italo Fontana re-dreams them for us. And lets the Flightdeck wearers participate in a myth that inspires transfiguration, but at the same time brings us back down to earth with a stupendous technical perfection: automatic movement with mechanical winding, water resistance to 100 meters, 44-hour power reserve. Arabic numerals in the warm hue of the leather strap. In spite of U-BOAT's usual mega-size, virtually as light as a feather. In the Diamonds version, a capricious silver version with black diamonds and silver inserts. Too beautiful to be a watch? The U-BOAT Flightdeck manages the balancing act effortlessly.

The U-BOAT U-51 - the object of lust

What is sex appeal? Who has it, who lacks it? You can feel it, but it's hard to describe. Fascinating charisma is only half the story. The U-BOAT U-51 is undoubtedly sexy. Sensual. Haptic. Passionate to the inner sanctum. You don't just wear a U-BOAT U-51, you enter into a relationship with it. Behind the straightforward exterior lies the finest technology. With the U-51, U-BOAT also reaches into the glamour box, brings out shimmering, shiny things and combines colorfulness and solid bronze with robust everyday suitability. The ideal watch for business, sports, play, adventure and travel. Strictly limited, it makes itself rare.

The U-BOAT U-1001 - the alpha dog

A truly rare luxury watch. Limited to 1,001 pieces, it arouses the desire of men who can easily cope with an extra dose of adrenaline. It is no less stimulating for women. What does it have that the other U-BOAT watches do not? Even connoisseurs can't answer that with certainty. It is a feeling, an elusive attraction. Cult, virile, powerful effect in XXL. With it, you stand at the open airplane door just before the moment when you plunge forward and experience weightlessness in an incredible rush of exhilaration. Until the parachute opens. The futuristic touch also makes you think of space adventures, of aliens landing on Earth from unknown galaxies. Nevertheless, it is a reliable and quite contemporary friend for all situations.

The U-BOAT U-42 - the collector's item

Tracking down and buying this luxury watch on the internet is already a special moment in life. The U-42 bears the year in its name in which the roots for today's U-BOAT collections were laid. Its appearance reflects the brand history from 1942 the most among all U-BOAT collections. The plans for the "Gemeinwaffe" of the Italian Navy and Air Squadron, an exceedingly robust, reliable watch that performed unswervingly at all depths and heights, rested in the drawer for many decades. Presented in limited edition, the U-42 is a reverence to the past and the future at the same time. Its titanium, stainless steel or precious metal case, marbled dial and used-look leather straps echo the trends of its era. Luminous numerals and hands won't let the wearer lose track of time, even in dark depths up to 300 meters.

Wholesome dudes, cool women, or proven aficionados and watch connoisseurs

... all love the U-BOAT because of the original appearance, which is constantly reinvented in the different collections. Even in the lush variety of exceptional luxury watches that the market offers us, no one can overlook a U-BOAT. One of the reasons why HORANDO embarked on the U-BOAT and invested energy in a brick-and-mortar showroom, in addition to selling watches on the internet. The amazingly favorable conditions will not change on or offline.