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The purchase of watches can take many forms: A luxury watch represents either an everyday accessory or an item that you desire. But everybody appreciates the time indication and its time pieces. One explanation can be found in human history. Our early ancestors were guided by the sun when to wake up and to go to sleep. The indicated time throughout the day was vividly linked to natural phenomena: “When the cock crows.”, “Once dark night has fallen.”, or “When the blazing heat of the sun reaches its strongest level.” It is for sure not the most reliable way to make appointments. The discovery of time might initially have terrified our ancestors. But it was the beginning of an organized lifestyle. Around 800, when Charlemagne got a type of time machine as a present from an Arabic potentate, an incredible excitement emerged at court and in his kingdom. The water meter worked through golden spheres which fell with a fine sound into a basin filled with water. 12 horsemen in bronze jumped from 12 gates, which were closing as if by magic, and indicated midday. By the 14th century one started to read the time with differentiated units - a revolution of human civilization.

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What has the Austrian Sachertorte in common with a luxury lady's watch?

Looking at our own history, we realize the high importance for us to purchase a watch. HORANDO knows the diverse motives which are present in each generation, age group and social level. Besides the collector, who wants to extend his assortment by one special luxury watch that he has been searching for for years, a young business person wants to fulfill his dream with the money of his first big salary within a short period of time. There is also the grandfather who gives a luxury watch to his grandchild as a present at his confirmation or the student who saves all his money that he earns from his side job in order to afford a real beauty of watches. Of course we are not talking about a gender issue – each example from above also refers to female watch enthusiasts. We can also take a husband as an example who has booked a suite in the Hotel Sacher in Vienna and planned a romantic dinner, taxi, opera tickets and a Sachertorte for the seventh anniversary. But in the very last minute he realizes that one thing is missing – the present. HORANDO has a heart for husbands in this kind of situation and delivers a lady’s Rolex including a huge rose bouquet directly to the hotel, right on time. It is evident that HORANDO does not want to be responsible for a bad omen of the seven-year itch.

Showing one's colour - hybrid is better, just to make sure

The purchase of a luxury watch is not only an investment that is based on reliability and trustworthiness. HORANDO’s “Trusted Shop” and “Chrono24 Trusted Seller” certifications represent the extensive responsibility that we consciously accept. In June 2015, HORANDO opened a showroom in Bamberg, the company’s location, thus it extended its competence area and also reveals its stable positioning in the watch retailing market. Online purchases of watches are steadily increasing. The stationary shop of HORANDO also represents a reverence to the exclusive clients. Interested customers who come from another city such as Munich, Frankfort, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Regensburg or from any other German province accept to undertake a journey to Bamberg to enjoy the excitement of personally choosing a Rolex, Tag Heuer or IWC and to be provided with professional advice and high expertise. One also learns about the latest trends and has the possibility to enjoy a luxury and relaxed day in Bamberg. It is worth taking your time for your new timepiece. HORANDO guarantees a reliable and quick sales order processing and the authenticity and originality of each watch that is offered. Every watch is delivered together with all required papers and certificates, a box and further supplies. The actual additional benefits are the very favourable conditions. Since HORANDO has an international network to diverse suppliers, retailers and distributors, your dream watch can be offered at a price that is significantly lower compared to regular prices in the market.

Being a licensed concessioner has benefits for the shop and our customers

The significance of a licensed concession is comparable to a notary appointment. The U-BOAT, Frédérique Constant and Bell & Ross are three luxury brands of HORANDO’s assortment which cannot be more different from each other. The bold U-BOAT models by the revolutionary of watches Italo Fontana and the elegant-classic masterpieces by the watch designer from Geneva very look alike: Each watch with its outstanding technical achievements and originality of its appearance is a unique piece with a high recognition value. In general exclusive watch manufacturers issue only a few concessions. Until recently, the concessions in traditional and watch stores were passed on from father to son. Due to HORANDO’s excellent reputation as a retailer of luxury watches, the online shop could convince many watch brands. Also the customers do profit from this: As a concessionaire HORANDO belongs to the inner circle of a certain brand and is able to react faster. Furthermore, in case of possible customer requests or returns a reference person is always available and one benefits from efficient information procurement.

Seamaster, Sea Dweller or Submariner? 42 brands and one shop

At HORANDO, there is a multifaceted cosmos of watches between a Breitling and a Zenith – glamorous, classy, trendy or bold. Exclusive brands that one relates to the Haute Couture of fashion and fragrances - Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Ulysse Nardin – perfectly fit in the range of outstanding classic watches such as Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Tag Heuer, Ebel, Glashütte Original. Long sellers, which have their origins in the areas of navy, aviation, railway and research, e.g. Rolex, Panerai, Omega and Hamilton, have been appealing many generations. Besides the popular Classic Racin Collecion by Chopard and the Golden Bridge made by the exclusive Corum-manufacturer, the Blancpain dynasty has maintained its position as a noble European watch brand and has been continuing its great history since 1735. Together with Tudor, the subsidiary brand of Rolex, original luxury wristwatches appeared in the market, they surprised with an affordable price by providing interesting features such as water resistance, robust functioning and being highly innovative. 1954 the first diver’s watch came out, 1957 the Tudor Advisor had the first alarm function, 1970 Oyster Date was the first chronograph.

We don't talk about money? Of course we do if the price is fair and affordable

Affordable watches that also impress with technical features enable many customers to switch to a regular everyday watch to a luxury wristwatch. HORANDO has a clear attitude: Best quality, outstanding standards and brands with a high stable value of prices, which should be 20% below the price, indicated in the manufacturer’s list. How is HORANDO able to handle this? Well, we do not want reveal everything. One more thing: The close network within the sector, the yearly participation at the worldwide biggest watch fair BASELWORLD, continuous monitoring and high flexibility make it possible that the stationary and online vendor can react à la minute. Being the biggest retailer of the Chrono24, an online platform for watches, HORANDO aims to and has the ability to fulfill (almost) each demand for every special watch.

Purchasing a watch at HORANDO would not be perfect if...

It is brilliant to purchase the perfect watch. Apart from the ultimate joy, service is a very crucial aspect. HORANDO is operating worldwide, mostly in Germany, in Western Europe, Scandinavia and increasingly in the USA and Asia. If HORANDO did not put this strong emphasis on the best service its rapid development would not be possible. The complete service of the hybrid watch specialist includes all necessary formalities with regard to e.g. taxes and customs, also in distant and various destination countries. So HORANDO customers can in advance rely on high transparency and information density and can expect a punctual and first-class service after their purchase.

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