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Thanks to fascinating functions and expressive designs, men's watches are useful tools, stylish accessories and impressive status symbols all in one. They are the classic piece of jewelry for men, skilfully express their personal taste and can do far more than just tell the time. The HORANDO range of exquisite watches for men equips every customer with a wrist companion that meets their individual requirements 100%.

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    Men's wristwatches and their features

    Men who have not yet really got to grips with watches often do not realise just how wide the range of men's watches is today. The market offers numerous different types of watches for men, which at first glance differ in design, but at second glance also in the functions and philosophy behind them. From the simple radio-controlled watch with a minimal range of functions to classically elegant analogue watches and complication-rich masterpieces of watchmaking, a wide range of possibilities opens up to the interested watch fan.

    The complications: Concentrated functionality on the wrist

    Complications are what defines a watch in the eyes of many collectors and long-time watch enthusiasts. They determine what a watch can do on a functional level and in many cases can only be realised through excellent craftsmanship and technical skill. In principle, this includes everything that goes beyond the mere display of hours, minutes and seconds, for example these functions:

    Power reserve display

    The power reserve display makes it easier to wind mechanical watches at the ideal time and thus achieve optimum accuracy. The function is often realised in the form of a scale with a hand on the dial, whereby the hand then moves to the lower end of the scale as the power reserve decreases and starts again at the top after winding.

    Date display

    The date display on the wristwatch does exactly what its name suggests: It shows the date. A small, transparent window is usually integrated into the dial for this purpose, behind which a date disc sits and indicates the day. To improve legibility, some manufacturers use magnifying glass above the date numerals, which are often positioned at the three o'clock point. The alternative is a pointer date, where the hand moves along a scale on the face of the watch to the current date.

    Moon phase

    A comparatively rare complication is the moon phase display. Men's watches with this function display the moon in its current phase, often actually as a small image of the new, full, waning or waxing moon. The complication is rather uninteresting for most people in its purely practical use, but it undoubtedly has plenty of charm and can give a watch for men that certain something.

    Perpetual calendar

    The perpetual calendar, which is one of the "great complications" of watches, not only shows the day, but also the month and year, and even takes leap years into account. If the perpetual calendar watch runs continuously, it will always show the exact date without ever having to be reset.

    Second time zone

    Frequent travellers and globetrotters benefit from a men's watch that can display more than one time zone. Such timepieces are known as world time or GMT watches and often have an additional day/night display. This means there is no confusion about day and night time despite the twelve-hour dial.

    Stopwatch function and flyback

    One of the more elaborate complications in men's watches is certainly the "stopwatch function". We are talking about men's chronographs that have additional buttons and totalisers to stop the time precisely. This is particularly convenient with flyback chronographs: instead of having to press the start, zero and stop buttons once each, all you have to do is press the flyback button once and the hand "flies" backwards across the dial. The chronograph is enhanced by the double chronograph, which works with a split-seconds hand and enables two simultaneous measurements.


    Invented over two centuries ago, the tourbillon is designed to increase the precision of watch movements or to maintain it even when the watches are exposed to certain stresses over the years of use. To achieve this, the oscillation and escapement system is placed in a kind of cage where it rotates around its own axis every minute. Although the complex technology behind this is anything but new, it is no less impressive today than it was two hundred years ago.


    Repetition watches for men are extremely rare and therefore all the more fascinating. These special timepieces announce the time acoustically. They have a chiming mechanism that converts the hours, quarter hours and minutes into different tones and ensures that you can literally hear the time. Although this no longer fulfils a practical purpose today, the repeater is still a complication that amazes watch fans across the board.

    The movement: a comparison of automatic and quartz

    The decisive factor in a watch is, of course, what drives it. This raises the question: a men's watch with a mechanical movement or a quartz watch - which is better? The unsatisfactory answer is: It all depends on your personal idea of the perfect men's watch. In any case, it makes sense to take a closer look at the two options.

    The automatic men's watch of the past had a manual winding mechanism that was used to wind the spring manually. Nowadays, the majority of newly manufactured mechanical wristwatches are automatic watches. This means that they use the movements that occur when the watches are worn to wind themselves. The quartz watch, on the other hand, works with a battery that powers it in conjunction with a quartz crystal - a completely different functional principle. In a nutshell, you could say that quartz watches require less maintenance and are often slightly more precise, while men's watches with mechanical movements are the more traditional, technically sophisticated and often more durable choice.

    The design: watch types and their "outer values"

    It may be all about the inner values, but the outer values should not be completely neglected either - at least not when it comes to men's watches! In this respect, choosing the right men's watch is first and foremost a question of type: if you value sportiness and a look that leaves no doubt about the high functionality of the watch, diving watches, for example, are a good choice. These waterproof sports watches usually have luminescent numerals and focus on robustness and functionality. Many chronographs are no less sporty, as they include wristwatches that have been developed to meet the needs of racing drivers, for example.

    Do you prefer a watch type that radiates elegance, style and success? Then it might be worth considering some dress watches. These watches are designed to emphasise the formal look of the sophisticated gentleman and go particularly well with suits and dinner jackets. In terms of functions, they are often limited to the essentials and emphasise a thoroughly classic and elegant look.

    Men who want a solid case, a no-frills dial and a clear, straightforward design in a watch will find aviator and pilot's watches appealing. This type of men's watch is easy to read at a glance, typically has a fairly large diameter and can score points with regard to the technology "on board", for example with a second time zone, a chronograph function or a date display.

    The material: high quality you can touch

    Of course, men's watches are available in a variety of materials and many models from major brands present prospective buyers with a choice: a luxurious gold timepiece, a solid silver wristwatch or perhaps a stainless steel model? The difference sometimes lies in the price, but you can't always rely on that. Especially when buying on the secondary market, the coveted stainless steel men's watch can sometimes cost more than a less sought-after wristwatch made of a more expensive metal.

    While rose gold products are the absolute exception when it comes to men's watches, there are more and more watches for men that play with the combination of different metals. The result is bicolour items, for example made of gold and stainless steel. There are also men's watches made of platinum, which are hard to beat in terms of high quality, and watches set with diamonds or other precious stones. If you are looking for a men's watch whose price can be seen from afar and are not tied to a limited budget, such magnificent analogue watches are the obvious choice.

    Focus on details: bracelets as an expression of good style

    When men talk about their watches, they naturally talk a lot about their favourite brands, the complications and the movement. What is often forgotten and somewhat neglected is the bracelet. At first glance, this may not be quite as exciting as an elaborate function, but it is of great importance for the visual effect of a watch and for the wearing comfort of its owner. After all, no matter how reliable, functional and complex a watch may be, if the bracelet does not look or feel right, it is a disruptive factor.

    First and foremost, the strap of a men's watch must offer the wearer comfort. It should fit snugly around the wrist, be the right length and cause as little disturbance as possible during everyday activities. The material is also a relevant issue. Wristwatches where the case and bracelet are made from the same material, for example stainless steel, silver or gold, are very common. However, some men's wristwatches are more effective when combined with a leather watch strap, a textile strap or even a silicone strap. Leather, for example, is ideal for classically elegant watches, while silicone and textile straps emphasise the robustness of the men's watch and can express the practical attitude of the wearer.

    Variety at the highest level: the HORANDO selection of men's watches

    As a specialist for high-quality brand watches, we at HORANDO have a large selection of watches for men. Our customers benefit from these advantages on the way to the perfect watch:

    Great brands, great watches

    Our range includes over 4,000 watches, including a particularly large number of models for men. We concentrate specifically on watches from the luxury segment and focus on items from brands that have made a name for themselves in the watch world. This makes us an ideal point of contact for men who are interested in high-quality, luxury watches, recognise their value and can invest the corresponding prices. Our range includes selected men's watches from coveted collections by Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Hublot, IWC, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Seiko, TAG Heuer and Zenith. All kinds of different watch types are represented, for example automatic watches with date, men's chronographs and authentic vintage wristwatches with chic leather straps.

    Search and find watches: Settings for targeted browsing

    With so many watches to choose from, it can quickly become confusing! To prevent this from happening, the HORANDO online shop offers the option of setting various filters. This means, for example, that only watches from certain brands, a flexibly adjustable price range, with an automatic movement, with a chronograph function or from a specific year of manufacture are displayed. The filter search options even go into detail: with just a few clicks, it is no problem at all to search specifically for a watch with a sapphire crystal, with a leather strap or with a black dial. If you know roughly what you want in advance, you can organise your search for your new men's watch in an extremely targeted manner.

    A purchase with many advantages

    At HORANDO, buying men's watches is convenient and uncomplicated. We send every watch to its new home insured and free of charge, alternatively we offer collection of the men's watch from our shop, accept various payment methods and accept used watches in payment on request. If, contrary to expectations, a men's watch turns out to be a bad buy, it can easily be returned thanks to our 14-day returns policy.

    Guaranteed genuine: authenticated men's watches from HORANDO

    A certain amount of caution is required when buying high-quality men's watches, such as those offered by HORANDO. After all, the counterfeit watch business is extremely lucrative and as a buyer it is not always possible to distinguish an original from a good fake. We take this task off our customers' hands! Our experts scrupulously check every men's watch so that only genuine watches are guaranteed to end up in the shop.

    Support and help with just one click

    Despite the variety of watches for men that we constantly offer, can't find the model you're looking for? Then head to the Watchfinder! The form asks for a few details about the watch you are looking for and serves as a basis for us to get to work. We use our international network and do our best to find the men's watch you are looking for and offer it at fair conditions. We will get back to you within 24 hours with the status of your enquiry. If you have any other concerns, you can contact our customer service team at any time.

    4 tips for buying - the path to the perfect men's watch

    These tips will ensure that your search for a men's wristwatch is a complete success:

    #1: Define your ideas

    Knowing as precisely as possible what your personal dream watch looks like and what criteria it should fulfil is half the battle. Because given the large selection on the market, it is hardly possible to even begin to look at all the watches available for men. Without a rough idea of what kind of men's watch you are looking for, endless browsing without a satisfactory result is inevitable. It therefore makes sense to think about a few things first:

    Which category (pilot's chronograph, dress watch, diver's watch, etc.) should the men's watch fall into?

    What occasions is the men's watch intended for?

    Is your personal preference for a quartz or automatic movement?

    Which functions would you not want to do without in the watch?

    Which additional functions would be "nice to have" but not a must?

    Should the men's watch be waterproof, particularly shock-resistant or even exceptionally resistant to magnetic fields?

    Which brands of men's watches are suitable?

    What are your purely visual preferences (e.g. colour of the dial, shape of the case, etc.)?

    Are there any wishes regarding the materials of the bracelets?

    What are the budget limits for the men's watch?

    #2: Compare watch models

    Once you have gained an overview of men's watches that meet the previously defined requirements, you need to make an initial selection and decide on a few favourite watches. You can then compare these more closely and see where the biggest differences lie. In this way, one watch after another is eliminated from the shortlist until finally only one men's watch remains - the best of the best, so to speak!

    #3: Buy from reputable watch retailers

    It's better not to buy luxury watches "just anywhere". It is strongly recommended that you contact a reputable supplier. After all, we are talking about quite expensive pieces of jewellery.

    #4: Pay attention to authenticity

    The third tip leads directly to the fourth: it is essential to make sure that the watch on offer is an original. As counterfeits are not always immediately recognisable as such by everyone, it is advisable to seek the support of an expert if necessary or to ensure that the chosen supplier takes care of the adequate testing and professional authentication of their men's watches.

    Men's watches from HORANDO: always a good idea

    Men's watches from renowned luxury brands are far more than just everyday objects for telling the time - they are small works of art! A high-quality men's watch enhances any outfit, is pure passion for collectors and is also an interesting option for investors. In addition, men's watches are of course an excellent, original gift for men and are so versatile that there are models to suit every man.

    At HORANDO, newcomers can immerse themselves in the world of watches, familiarise themselves with the entire range of men's wristwatches from the luxury segment and convince themselves of the appeal of luxury watches for men. Experienced collectors and investors will also find what they are looking for, as the classic entry-level models are always joined in the HORANDO shop by genuine rarities among the wristwatches for men. A visit to HORANDO is always a good idea when looking for a new men's watch of the finest quality!