Rolex Yachtmaster

The Yachtmaster belongs to a kind of inner circle of the Rolex family. In military terms, you could call it a special unit. We are dealing here with particularly resistant specimens of the Oyster Perpetual, which were developed specifically for a certain field of application, in extreme sports, research or space travel. The Rolex Explorer I, for example, served as a ticking guide to the summit of Mount Everest for the British mountaineering team led by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay in 1952, while the Explorer II accompanies cave explorers into subterranean dark worlds.

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Yachtmaster I - full speed ahead

Introduced at BASELWORLD in 1999, the Yachtmaster still has a relatively virgin history compared to the Rolex family's bedrock timepieces from the 1920s to the 1950s. Rolex intended to top its highly successful Submariner line - the diver's friend - with another luxury watch optimally designed for water sports. While the Submariner, the GMT and the Sea-Dweller prove to be extremely robust, functional and operational high performers, the Rolex Yachtmaster breathes pure luxury. The fact that its wearer does not primarily move under the surface of the water, but cuts a sporty and elegant figure on deck, is revealed by the degree of water resistance, which is "only" aimed at a depth of 100 meters. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, it became a success factor immediately after its release. Celebrities adorned themselves with it, the demand that poured in on Rolex resulted in long waiting lists, Rolex had once again triggered a hype that has not subsided to this day. The chronicle reads as follows: 1992 - Launch of the Yachtmaster in 18-carat gold with the reference number 16628. The first programmable mechanical countdown triggered enthusiasm. 1994 - Presentation of a more delicate version for narrower wrists and ladies. 1999 - Now it becomes exclusive: the Rolesium version (a Rolex proprietary blend of platinum and steel) appears. On top of the giant wave: 2005 - The Rolex Yachtmaster in steel and gold with the reference number 16623 - ready to take off. By the way, did you know that the Rolex watch manufacture is the largest gold processor in Switzerland, using 13 tons of gold per year?

Fair play also in the internet watch trade

Rolex and sailing are a fair pair. The Yachtmaster takes a sporty approach and accompanies maritime ladies & gents at the ocean regatta or on a leisurely cruise across the Wannsee. Elegant like all Rolex luxury watches, it impresses with its special functionality. In terms of extravagance, it is not inferior to the Rolex Submariner or Rolex Daytona. When buying watches on the internet, you should not only pay attention to the comparatively low price, but above all to your gut feeling. A Rolex offered by the specialist for luxury watches HORANDO will remain faithful to you on all oceans. The mechanical countdown, the high water resistance of the Oyster case, the superior readability make it an ideal companion in all winds. Not to forget Captain's Dinner.

To new shores

Typical of Rolex is its loyalty to its products. Little has been done to shape and form over the decades, but much has been done to constantly surprise with ever more spectacular technical innovations. The Yachtmaster also bears the enlarging cyclops magnifier, patented by Rolex in 1953, which makes the date display readable under all conditions. Cyclops - the one-eyed giant from the world of Greek myth - would also have enjoyed the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and double anti-reflective coating. Rolex unveiled another so-called regatta chronograph at BASELWORLD 2011. Further developing its predecessor, the Rolex Yachtmaster II pulled novelties out of its duffel bag: an innovative movement and the choice of a Yachtmaster version in 18-karat yellow gold, white gold or (later) bi-color. If Yachtmaster was the helmsman, Yachtmaster II should be the captain. Its 360 components are all made in-house and assembled with elaborate meticulousness.