Rolex Day Date 36

A watch for special and exceptional wearers. Rolex's Day Date has always been available only in platinum or 18-karat gold, rather than an alloy of robust stainless steel like many of its numerous siblings. Nevertheless, this stylish luxury watch is resistant and sturdy - a point that has long been considered a trademark of Rolex. In addition to the tested movement of caliber 3156, the Rolex Day Date features a day and month indicator, as well as an integrated mechanism that allows the watch to wind itself. Due to its simple and elegant design, as well as various variations in color scheme and features, Rolex Day Date is a valued watch model not only among men, but also among women.

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Rolex Day Date - still a classic today

In 1956, Rolex presented the first Day Date, another model that would quickly join the ranks of Rolex's many classics. To this day, this model and several other watches from the 1950s characterize the collection of the Geneva-based manufacture. The Rolex Day Date was a novelty in the world: the first wristwatch to display the full day of the week in addition to the date. This writing was displayed in a separate window below the twelve, which was modeled after the rounding of the watch. This striking feature of being able to display both the current date and the matching day of the week ultimately gave the luxury watch its name: Day Date.

A watch with symbolic character

For better readability, a sapphire crystal cutout with two-and-a-half times magnification had also been added above the date window. This innovation was playfully called the "cyclops magnifier". Over time, it was gradually applied to all other Rolex watch models equipped with date windows. Now this helpful feature has become a typical distinguishing feature of the Rolex watch brand. However, Rolex's Day Date model became famous not only because of its novel "cyclops magnifier", but also mainly because of famous and influential personalities, such as Pope John Paul II or Wall Street legend Warren Buffet, who wore this novel watch on their wrist. Some American presidents also opted for the elegant luxury watch with day display, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Because of these prominent wearers, the Day Date from Rolex quickly received nicknames like "President's Watch" or "Rolex President." However, these could also have resulted from the bracelet with the special round cut, which is only available for the Rolex Day Date in addition to the Rolex Dayjust. This was also introduced in 1956 under the name "President".

A date display as a distinctive feature

After the success of the first Rolex Day Date, the Swiss company decided to launch a new luxury watch under the Day Date name in 2008. The Rolex Day Date II was also launched with the new 3156 manufacture movement and increased to 41 millimeters case diameter. After the great success of the first Rolex Day Date, the famous date display is now available in more than 26 different languages and is still the highlight of the Day Date.