The Tissot brand stands for luxury watches of high quality and sophisticated design. The company is part of the Swatch Group and has been based in Le Locle in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland since its founding in 1853. Tissot's men's and women's watches are often associated with the Swiss trendy term Swissness. They associate quality, reliability as well as precision. The naturalness and authentic appearance of the luxury watches reflect the versatility of the brand. Tissot watches represent a creation of special materials and innovative functions, which are combined with a stylish as well as sophisticated design. In addition to self-winding watches, chronographs and quartz watches, a wide variety of collections as well as special collections ensure the perfect fit of luxury watches to the wrists of their wearers.

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Innovators by tradition

Tissot watches possess sophisticated technology that is far ahead of any other Swiss watch manufacturer. Meaningful functions meet dynamic sportiness, simple classicism and noble straightforwardness. The luxury watches are accompanied in every version by a constant spirit of innovation based on tradition. The brand's motto, innovators by tradition, is thus not only an agenda, but is based on the origins of the brand, whose watches are now worn in over 150 countries.

The path from a Swiss workshop to expansion in over 150 countries

The beginning of Tissot can be dated in 1853 and is attributable to innovation and craftsmanship. Charles Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Emile Tissot founded their brand in a workshop that produced pocket watches using parts made by others. The sale of the watches requires frequent trips to Russia as well as to the United States, opening up markets outside Switzerland. From 1915, the production of pocket watches is complemented by the manufacture of wristwatches. In 1920, Tissot makes the transition to its own movements. After its good start, the luxury watch brand experiences the loss of its main Russian customers due to the October Revolutions. In addition, the quartz crisis causes losses and makes the collapse of the brand seem inevitable in 1983. Rescue comes two years later through a merger of SSIH with ASUAG, Allgemeine Schweizer Uhren AG. From 1985, the two companies form the Swatch Group, which reorganizes the Swiss watch industry and opens up new markets by purchasing high-quality case parts from its sister company Georges Ruedin SA. Today, Tissot is one of the top manufacturers of luxury watches, reflecting Swissness through time-honored values, quality and reliability.

Seven different product lines

Tissot's watch models include self-winding watches, chronographs and quartz watches. While the Astrolon appeared in 1971, made almost entirely of plastic and made of only 52 parts, innovative innovations followed in the 1980s as well as the 1990s, which helped the brand earn its name. Cases made of unusual materials adorned fashionable wristwatches and gave rise, for example, to the RockWatch made of granite in 1985 and the WoodWatch made of wood in 1991. Tissot's regular product lines include T-Touch, T-Sport, T-Classic, Heritage, which hit the market in 2003 in honor of its 150th anniversary, T-Trend, T-Pocket as well as T-Gold. In addition to pocket, sports and diving watches, the brand thus holds Toch technologies and luxury watches in retro style in the form of the Heritage collection. Furthermore, T-Trend offers discerning women as well as men a fashionable timepiece and T-Gold denotes jewelry watches, which Tissot has provided with a gold-plated case.