"You can't choose your relatives," goes the popular saying boldly. True. But if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that can only be an advantage - as long as the trunk is called Rolex. The brand name Rolex resonates around the globe. It stands for the highest luxury in wristwatches, for elegance, privilege and preference among the moneyed aristocracy and celebrities, among business elites and social leaders. However, the brand is also one of the most copied luxury watches, and this has earned it a small aftertaste of popularity among "wannabes". For which the brand bears no responsibility. Quality has its own sovereignty. More sensitive personalities, however, who insist on a slick product statement have an excellent alternative: Tudor, the little sister, less expensive but equally as class-leading as the big one, each in its market segment.

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The clever move of the watchmaker from Kulmbach

Many are not even aware of the family affiliation, although Tudor does not deny the similarity with the parent brand. Watch pioneer and ingenious mastermind Hans Wilsdorf, born in the Franconian town of Kulmbach and founder of the Rolex brand in Geneva at the age of 24, was also far ahead of his time - or at least his industry - in marketing. After his Rolex had already enjoyed a stellar career, he thought about price segmentation at Rolex. A second watch line was intended to open up new markets and target groups and stabilize further growth. Wilsdorf wanted to establish a brand that would be less expensive and more affordable than Rolex, but just as efficient and powerful. As early as 1926, he had the brand "The Tudor" entered in the commercial register via the company Veuve de Philippe Hüther. In 1936 he took it over, and in 1946 he founded the subsidiary Montres Tudor SA. Fair price + Rolex quality was the magic formula. The strategy worked: A Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual costs more than twice as much as a Tudor Grantour for ladies. The customer-friendly pricing while maintaining Rolex standards was made possible by the use of supplied clockworks of exclusively Swiss provenance. Since 1990, Tudor has been autonomous in the production of cases, crowns and backs, which until then had come from Rolex production. In its 50th year, which was celebrated in 1996, Montres Tudor S.A. had long since grown into an independent, high-quality brand and was able to step out of its big sister's shoes: Tudor watches, crowns, straps and cases henceforth did without the previously still common citations that pointed to Rolex. The enterprising Wilsdorf created other trademarks such as Aqua, Oyser, Genex, W&D, Rolwatco, Unicorn and Marconi. But it was left to Tudor to skim the cream off the top in addition to the main Rolex brand. HORANDO promotes the purchase of watches on the internet and at the same time trades stationary with exquisite watches, de luxe wristwatches of world renown, interesting newcomers and popular luxury brands. The collector, enthusiast or brand newcomer will find the right piece for every portfolio and budget. We want the wearer and the watch to match. The digital trade in luxury watches has developed from a niche into a strong segment.

The bold face of Tudor

Unlike Rolex, Tudor's brand image is centered on adventure, grit, and dynamism. Stepping out of the familiar world of life, the brand promises fictional journeys through arctic expanses, over volcanic craters and along steep coastlines. Cowboys of everyday life, who set themselves hardly any limits, identify with it. Natural forces, eruptions, wilderness are evoked, fantasy and imagination, boldness and courage, visionary power. The calculable risk and the will to take it. Clear colors that embody emotions, experience, event or - as in the case of the diving watches - the mysteries of the underwater world, set visual accents. The aesthetic language at Tudor is aligned with sport, nature, technology. In the North Flag and Grantour sports collections, this is expressed in the matte surface of the brushed case, in sandblasted details and in the contrasting colors. At BASELWORLD 2015, Tudor presented two novelties whose expressive power is typical of the brand image desired by the company: The Tudor Pelagos diver's watch and the Tudor Fastrider, which stems from the cooperation with the unconventional Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati.

Excellence Pelagos - the perfect diving watch

Product quality and wearing comfort are among Tudor's essential standards. The Pelagos had long enjoyed cult status as one of the most sophisticated diving watches when it came up with a sensation in 2015: a clockwork developed and built by Tudor itself - a special challenge in the history of the brand. The Tudor MT5612 caliber makes its wearers independent, flexible and ready for action. The power reserve of 70 hours, the ceramic dial with generously designed indices and plenty of phosphorescent luminous material, a color scheme adapted to visibility at great depths and the helium valve at the 9 o'clock position offer the diver the utmost safety. The deadly chic, but most importantly, safety-supporting titanium bracelet adjusts to the pressure conditions of the diver's suit by means of a spring mechanism. Alternatively, a rubber strap with pin buckle can be selected. The noble color combination on the dial and bezel makes this sporty luxury watch a real eye-catcher. The previously black ceramic has been replaced by a matte blue. It picks up the color of diving watches, as it has been common since the sixties. The Tudor Pelagos is indisputably a small watch wonder, on water and on land, just like the Tudor Heritage.

Sportfex Fastrider - the daredevil among the Tudors

A watch like a motorcycle? Even if the idea seems bold - the Tudor Fastrider comes pretty close to this vision. Not only for passionate bikers and motorcycle fans a feast for the eyes and technical bravura performance, a tribute to motorcycle racing, a successful liaison of technology, design and fine watchmaking art. At Ducati, the collaboration with Tudor resulted in the development of one of the company's most innovative models - the Scrambler. Freedom, adventure, urbanity - this is what the strong, clear colors yellow, red, olive green of the Fastrider stand for. The matte design of the brushed housing emphasizes the idea of technology, as do the angular appearance and the multitude of features. Strong gag: visually, the watch straps evoke motorcycle saddles with decorative stitching. And the power reserve of 46 hours is long enough for an extensive joyride. - Easy Rider says hello!