Sofort verfügbare Uhren

For some luxury - for others just a watch: Luxury watches inspire with their high-quality technology and select materials. What are the reasons for the purchase of a luxury watch? The expensive watches documented a status. Unlike the masses, luxury watches are still made with mechanical winding. They are a cult object that no one needs and yet a high price is paid for them. Online buy luxury watches with certificate. Many models of excellent beauties are waiting in stock. Browse the store and fall in love with your luxury watch. Through our service: luxury watches immediately available, you hold them in the shortest time in your hands.

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Currently available Sofort verfügbare Uhren watches

Luxury watches immediately available

The first luxury mechanical watches were created when pilots, divers and racing drivers needed to orient themselves and keep accurate times. With the introduction of the quartz crystal, watches became not only cheaper, but also mass-produced. Brands that make luxury watches today stayed true to the mechanical movement and developed their watches into luxury watches by using gold and precious metals. Today, brand names such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Tag Heuer stand for this.

Rolex and Breitling luxury watches immediately available

Every year, 800,000 Rolex luxury watches leave the factory in Biel. A Rolex stands for pure luxury like no other brand. Rolex watches are always closely associated with inventiveness and zeitgeist. The luxury watches are reminiscent of the pioneers of aviation, the papal sculptor Cellini or even racing with the chronograph Daytona. Rolex luxury watches are considered to be stable in value and a safe investment. Extravagance merges with practical functions. The Breitling brand is a byword for Swiss watchmaking quality. All individual parts of a Breitling watch are manufactured in Switzerland. Since 1999, Breitling chronographs have been tested and certified for accuracy and reliability.

Sporty luxury watches from Omega

Luxury watches immediately available, which are immediately associated with sports, are the timepieces of Omega. In the past, they not only adorned the wrists of many stars, but also measured time in sports competitions. Technical refinements away from the mainstream and the 19'' caliber movement used from 1903 still characterize the luxury watches today. Omega's most successful series bear the names Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster.

Tag Heuer

The Tag Heuer brand is inextricably linked with racing. The watchmaker occupies the fourth place among luxury watches. The valuable high-precision chronographs bear names such as Carrera, Grand Carrera, Formula 1 or Monaco. Individualists always choose a Tag Heuer, bathing in the envious glances on the wrist.

IWC luxury watches

The chronographs of the Swiss luxury brand are made for the masculine hands-on man. They luxury watches immediately available give themselves sporty and technically complex. IWC collections are always limited to a few pieces, which makes collectors and enthusiasts sit up and take notice. The series have names like Pilot's Watch, Ingenieur or Portugieser.