The Swiss watch manufacturer Oris specializes exclusively in mechanical watches. Its luxury watches are still small works of art of the great Swiss watch tradition. In line with this, each Oris watch is also designed for a specific audience and its specific demands. Still, their kinship with each other is clearly recognizable. Not only that, but the inscription ORIS placed directly under the 12 o'clock mark and the logo in the form of a red rotor leave no doubt about the origin of these noble watches. Culture lovers, as well as divers, pilots and motor sports enthusiasts will find watches precisely tailored to their needs - with an exceptional pedigree and over 110 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition.

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Into the depths with Oris ...

Oris was already producing very successful diving watches in the 1960s and 1970s. And since about the year 2000, the company has once again devoted special attention to this sector. The development of diving watches is constantly driven forward and has made good progress in the last two decades. For example, the Rotation Safety System was launched in 2009. It allows you to lock the rotating bezel of your watch before a dive, so that it cannot be adjusted by accidental touch underwater. Another handy Otis diving watch patent is the Aquis Depth Gauge, a mechanical depth gauge built into the watch.

... and above the clouds ...

Probably the most famous watch models from Oris are the pilot watches of the Big Crown series. The first Big Crown was sold as early as 1938. It had a particularly large crown, which was intended to enable pilots to set or wind their watches without having to take off their leather pilot's gloves. The success of this model was so great that the Big Crown is still produced in different versions today.

... or even to the art exhibition

However, customers less enthusiastic about sports also highly appreciate Oris luxury watches. They have their own collection Art, with the models Oris Artillier and Oris Classic. With these beautiful luxury watches, fans of art and music can also enjoy and own the extraordinary works of art of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Formal and elegant, they are absolutely appropriate at any art opening or premiere, yet can also be worn in the office for everyday work.

A piece of Swiss watchmaking history

The history of Oris is closely linked to the history of Swiss watchmaking. The company was founded in 1904 in the small town of Hölstein in northern Switzerland. It was named Oris after a stream flowing nearby. Initially, the watchmaking company produced pocket watches, but in 1925 it moved on to make them wearable as wristwatches. Over time, it also expanded its range to include alarm clocks. In 1934, the company suffered a setback from the Swiss watch statute, after which it became a pioneer in the fight for its liberalization and eventual abolition in 1971, but by then the quartz crisis posed a new threat to Otis. After a brief attempt to enter the production of quartz watches like many other companies, Oris returned to its true art in 1982 and has since been producing exclusively mechanical masterpieces of watchmaking again.