Oris Aquis

A good watch is a faithful companion, a life partner, a tool, a status symbol, an investment. You can look at this mechanical masterpiece on your wrist in many facets and decide for yourself what role it should play for you. Such a masterpiece is also the model Oris Aquis. They are diving watches of a special class and bring respective precision and stability. The blue dial never lets you forget what kind of watch we are dealing with. It is a trademark of this model and an eye-catcher not only for divers. Sportiness, elegance, precision and innovation have been combined into one here and quite successfully.

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Currently available Oris Aquis watches

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Good investment

Those who like to take their money out of the bank and invest it in a watch can do so with peace of mind by choosing the Oris Aquis. That way, you have your investment right on your wrist, and you can resell it if you need to. But it's far too beautiful and it's far too gratifying to own it yourself and know that you can have something so high quality on your wrist than to would or want to sell it. It's a gem of a watch that doesn't have to hide behind other models in the same price range.

You don't have to be a diver

The word diver watch might seem a bit confusing, but of course you don't have to be a diver to look good with this watch. Quite the contrary. The watch is in fact quite sturdy and waterproof, and that can be very helpful in some situations in life. You can rest assured that there is not much that can harm this watch and its inner mechanics. An absolute must have for any watch fan and those who can afford it. It is eye-catching and you will always have to look at the dial because it is so wonderfully designed.