Oris Big Crown

The Oris Big Crown collection is a Swiss luxury watch collection with a distinctly masculine and no-nonsense image through and through. Its dials are almost always in dark colors that show off the white markers to good effect. The frequent use of brown and green colors is reminiscent of the early aviation heroes for whom these watches were originally designed. However, dark blue and black dials are also common and allow for customization to the wearer's individual style of dress. All hours are marked with clear, legible Arabic numerals in white. The hour and minute hands are also wide and bright, improving the watch's quick readability.

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A watch collection for aviation

Just like accurate timekeeping, aviation requires highly precise and reliable technology. So it's no surprise that Swiss watchmaker Oris has had a close affiliation with the field since the very beginning of aviation's history. The company has been manufacturing its own pilot watches since as early as 1910. However, it had the greatest success in its history in 1938 with the development of the first Big Crown watches, and that is why the manufacturer's aviation watch collection still bears this name today. Even in their appearance, these exceptional watches are still inspired by their famous ancestors from 1938. However, the technology in them has constantly evolved, much like aviation itself.

Big Crown

The name Big Crown is English and literally means big crown. However, this has nothing to do with the noble lineage or any monarchistic pretensions of Oris Big Crown watches. Rather, it refers to the size of the crown, the small wheel used to set watches. It was made extra large in the development of the first Big Crown to allow pilots to set and wind their watches without first having to remove their tight-fitting gloves, a small detail adaptation to a need unnoticed by others, typical of Oris.