Glashütte Original

The "Glashütte Original" brand is known far beyond the borders of Saxony, as the company has stood for quality and precision in timepieces for over 170 years. To this day, each and every one of Glashütte Original's luxurious watches is traditionally assembled, checked, engraved, polished and finished by hand. This includes not only the movements. Filigree individual parts such as hands, dials or the sometimes lavishly designed cases are also made in the company's own manufactories. And although a great deal of time passes before a watch is finished in this way, the ladies' and men's wristwatches from Glashütte Original are always timeless.

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The beginnings of the watch manufactory in Glashütte

The origins of the traditional Glashütte Original company date back to 1845, when Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded the first watch manufacture on site. Following the collapse of the silver mining industry, which had previously supported numerous families in the region, the state government granted Lange a loan. He used this to train the first watchmakers. In the 1850s, other master watchmakers joined the company, and their experience and enthusiasm led to the creation of many watches that were sought after for their accuracy. Around 1865, for example, the precision pocket watch was introduced to the market, and it enjoyed consistent popularity for nearly 80 years. Due to the great demand for watches from Glashütte, the German Watchmaking School Glashütte opened its doors in May 1878, which quickly gained great reputation in professional circles.

The proof of quality and origin: Glashütte Original

As early as 1916, the watchmaker Karl W. Höhnel marked a pendulum clock he had made with the words "Glashütte Original," and this designation was also used from 1918 at the latest as proof of origin for watches from the Deutsche Präzisionsuhrenfabrik Glashütte GmbH. From 1921 onward, this logo was also used on the manufactory's pocket watches, serving both as a trademark and a seal of quality. From around 1927, ladies' wristwatches also bore this inscription.

Stylish classics from Glashütte Original: Senator, Pano & Co.

In the 1960s and 1970s, men's and women's wristwatches from Glashütte suitable for everyday use were in particular demand. As a result, the main focus of production was on shock resistance of the case, rate accuracy, and date and second displays. In the meantime, however, watches from Glashütte have become a globally recognized luxury brand "Made in Germany". In addition to the classic displays of hours, minutes, seconds and date, the mechanical movements were expanded to include additional functions such as power reserve display or moon phases. Some models also received a perpetual calendar, which displays the month, day of the week, leap year, day and night. The "Perpetual Calendar" watch from the Senator series was even awarded the title "Watch of the Year" in 2000.

When technology becomes art: Luxury watches from Glashütte Original

The watch models from Glashütte Original not only impress with their timeless design, precision and functionality. Then as now, they are true masterpieces of the highest engineering art, combining technology and fine materials to create a total work of art. For example, the watches from the Pano-Inverse series reveal their inner beauty to the observer. They present their heart in the form of balance and swan-neck fine adjustment on the dial, which shines in a striped finish. Blued hands and screws, artistic engravings and rubies as bearing jewels complete these technical works of art, as does the central rotor, which can be admired through the sapphire crystal back and is equipped with a 21-carat gold oscillating weight.