Baume & Mercier

The never-ending partnership between watchmakers Baume and Mercier aims to achieve their ambitious goal of "nothing but perfection". If you take a closer look at the history of the elegant Geneva-based luxury watch brand, you may have the impression of being taken back to the glamorous Roaring Twenties. In this era, skirt hems rose higher, elegant women had cigarette holders on their red lips and wore feather boas around their shoulders. It was a time when the jazz saxophone could be found in every nightclub, everyone went crazy for dances like the Charleston, women were emancipated for the first time and men were still real gentlemen. Founded in 1830, the company very early embraced the female clientele and developed exquisite models for the wrist of the delicate lady.

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A vous, Mesdames!

Baume Frère, the original name of the watch manufacture when it was founded, never considered ladies' watches as mini versions of Genster watches. Instead, they were unique and very feminine creations, such as the Marquise from the 1940s, which was a perfect combination of jewelry and luxury wristwatch. In this context, nothing has changed until today. The ambitious company, which expanded from Jura village (Switzerland) to the watch metropolis of Geneva, was influenced by the extravagant aesthetics of Art Deco like no other watchmaker. In subsequent model lines - such as the Hampton - the devotion to urbanity and cosmopolitanism is unmistakable.

Baume et Mercier - A journey into the past

When the Baumes were founded in 1830 in the "Comptoir Horloger" (watchmaking trade), the Swiss canton of Jura was far from having emancipation for women. And it took another 39 years for Louis-Victor Baume to present his daughter with a decorated gold watch at her communion. A Baume & Mercier luxury watch is the perfect gift for special moments and events - baptism, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary - which is still embedded in the sales strategy today. At the same time, there has been a period of significant growth and international expansion. With their keen sense of the prevailing trends, the Baumes brothers moved into the "British Empire" and steadily established branches in London and the British colonies: India and Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Burma.

The Baumes' models and chronographs with sophisticated intricacies steadily won prizes at the American and World's Fairs and broke a multitude of records at watch events. More and more patents and pioneering achievements followed. The reason why Baumes luxury watches are so much supported by watch experts and clientele is the enchanting aesthetics of the watches, the high number of subtleties and accuracy that has never been achieved before. The dynamic heartbeat of the company was a key factor in its rapid development. In collaboration with Paul Mercier, the company still operates under the name Baume & Mercier. The watch manufacture, which was almost 90 years old in 1919, was awarded the coveted and highly respected Geneva Seal of Quality for the highest standards in watchmaking. Even in the decades following World War II, Baume & Mercier quickly developed several innovative chronographs with complex features such as moon phase, triple date display, minute repeater and tourbillon. Models à l'époque are still outstanding today for their legendary appeal. The Baume & Mercier Capeland, Classima and Clifton collections are marked by these distinctive and historic features.

Committed to innovation

In the 1970s, Baume & Mercier introduced original watch creations that caused a stir with their shape and material. Galaxie and Stardust received the highest awards, and Baume & Mercier again demonstrated its pioneering spirit with the legendary Riviera watch, the world's first stainless steel sports watch. Originally owned by Cartier, the watchmaker later joined the South African Richmond Group and developed numerous unisex watch series such as the striking Hampton, the retro-style Capeland, the minimalist and elegant Classima. Baume & Mercier is dedicated to accessible luxury and is aimed at women who want to be elegant and casual at the same time. The Linea collection is an example that perfectly suits this type of female customer. With the Baume & Mercier Clifton, the successful man has a confident but down-to-earth companion that knows exactly who he is, just like him.

Providing the "highest quality status" is a natural goal for most luxury watch manufacturers. In terms of the bezel - Baume & Mercier takes this exceptionally seriously. At the same time, the watchmaker maintains a moderate overall pricing policy, which is just as crucial for regular and new customers as the company's ethical principles, social responsibility and striving for sustainability. Celebrity brand ambassadors such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher, Kiefer Sutherland and Emmanuelle Chriqui add a bit of glamour, yet are carefully selected for their credibility and authenticity. At charity events, they present Baume & Mercier in the front line.

It is obvious that this traditional watchmaker, which belongs to the elite of Swiss Made watches, has an excellent quality management. The watches are developed at the company's design studio in Geneva and manufactured in Le Brenets (Switzerland), the company's headquarters. Each Baume & Mercier prototype that goes into production must pass chemical and dynamic tests for durability, shock and vibration resistance, reactions to extreme conditions. As part of the manufacturing process, watches must prove that they meet all requirements. There is no timepiece that leaves the manufacturer without a strict final aesthetic and visual inspection.

Having a soft spot for the American dream

It's time to talk about the collaboration between Baume & Mercier and the American motorsport icon Carroll Shelby. The most famous racing driver in the USA in the 1950s perfectly represented the manufacturer like no other. He set 15 American speed records, glorious victories at Daytona, Monza, Reims, Bridgehampton, the Nürburgring, and drove an Aston Martin to victory in the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans. In addition, Shelby was a longtime national trainer and team manager. And he was involved in the development of the legendary Cobra, a lightweight new version of the American sports and racing car that is a symbol of the American dream.

The special "Capeland Shelby Cobra Collection" model, a limited edition, was born from the partnership between Shelby and Baume & Mercier. Its profile: chronograph with 44 mm steel case, dial with chronograph hands inspired by the look of the dashboard of the car. The two Shelby racing stripes provide a striking contrast to the minute and seconds hands, reminiscent of the Cobra steering wheel and the Cobra logo. The Guardsman Blue model stands out with its blue Superluminova emission and a black alligator strap with an underlayer of red cowhide, gray stitching and a triple-folding clasp. The sapphire back is engraved with the name of the collection and Carroll Shelby's signature. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shelby's FIA World Championship, Baume & Mercier created a special 18-carat pink gold timepiece for the Capeland Shelby Cobra series, limited to 98 pieces. This exceptional model is something rare and precious - just like a world championship title.