Georges Favre-Jacot combined all watchmaking professions into one watch manufacture in 1865. Just four years later, the first pocket watch was presented. Spurred on by an award at the World's Fair in 1900, the company began producing on-board equipment for automobiles, trucks, trains and airplanes in 1910. The Zenith company made a name for itself. In Le Locle, the manufacture was given the name "Manufacture with the 2,000 golden and silver hands". Various watch models such as the El Primero caliber became successes. In 2000, the Zenith company became a part of LVMH. A special honor was the inclusion as a World Heritage Site in 2009, and the Pilot collection Pilot Big Date Special received the "Petite Aiguille" award at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2012.

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Currently available Zenith watches

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Luxury watches from Zenith in high quality finishes

Luxury is not just for the upscale clientele. Zenith watch models have their own history and philosophy. El Primero was designed in 1962 as an iconic watch. For Zenith's 100th anniversary, the first self-winding watch was made. A total of seven years were spent working on these watch models. 18 different types of metals were processed. The first model had a date display. The new aesthetics made El Primero unique and modern. The "gyroscopic Gravity Control Module" has a high frequency that can show 36,000 vibrations in every hour. Other watch models can be found in the "Academy" collection. "Elite" and "Hermitage" are other high-end watch models that make up Zenith's overall lineup.

To experience luxury watches as a total work of art from Zenith

"Watch Manufacture Since 1865" is not written on the company page of Zenith for nothing. Various ladies' watches of equally outstanding quality and function, such as the collection "Elite Lady Moonphase" or "Elite Heritage Ultra Thin", impress with their precise technology and finishes. Very exclusive and rare watches can be found as limited editions.

Icons of contemporary history with watches from Zenith

Felix Baumgartner jumped from space to land on Earth in 2012. On his arm he wore the watch "El Pimero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th" by Zenith. This chronometer withstood the supersonic speed. Mahatma Ghandi gave a Zenith watch to his girlfriend Indira Nehru. After restructuring in the watch manufacture, Charles Vermot saved the production plans of the La Primera collection. This was restarted and expanded in 1984. An annual calendar - developed by Ludwig Oechslin ("Musée International d'Horlogerie") - shows all months, days of the week and the current date. This piece of timekeeping art needs to be adjusted only once a year. Furthermore, after five years of development, the "Academy Christophe Colomb" complication enables the aforementioned gyroscopic "Gravity Control" module. The optimal balance wheel oscillation range is thereby guaranteed. For precise accuracy, "Tourbillon" is used. The complication allows balancing the oscillations to the Earth's gravity. "Tourbillon" replaced "Academy Christophe Colomb" over time.

Where are the chronometers manufactured?

Le Locle (Switzerland) is where the art of Zenith's watchmaking is created. More than 200 patents and up to 600 variations of the clockwork make the company appear as an outstanding manufacture - to date. More than 2,000 prizes have been awarded to the timekeeping specialists. Over eighty diverse watchmaking professions in specific impacts are needed to produce a first-class reliable watch. All under one roof. Chronometers for eternity. Zenith has long since reached its zenith, giving customers timeless beauty and luxury on the wrist.