The Zenith Chronomaster is a discreet men's watch that impresses with the variety of its displays. With its dials in the dial, it evokes associations with the pilot's cockpit of an airplane while elegantly refraining from flaunting too much noble material in a boastful manner. With a mostly brown leather strap and the masculine dial colors white, gray and blue, it clearly distinguishes itself as a men's watch. However, it certainly appears colorful and lively. The minutes are marked with businesslike, clear strokes, between which the hour markers stand out clearly in metal inlays, mostly gold. There is no indication of numerals. The technically competent wearer of a Zenith Chronomaster needs no such aids to read his watch.

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Currently available Chronomaster watches

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Insights into the technology

Some models of the Zenith Chronomaster have a solid dial with three additional dials or even two dials and a window to see the movement. Others, with the exception of an outer ring with the time scale, do without the dial and leave the view of the technical inner workings of the watch completely free. This offers the tech-savvy man a wonderful glimpse of what's going on inside his watch, but can initially distract from the displays on the smaller dials. It helps here that on most models, each dial has its own color, different from that of the main dial, or ring. The exact information displayed on the additional dials varies depending on the sub-series of Zenith Chronomasters, but in all cases, it's worth seeing.

Master of time

The name Chronomaster is composed of the name of the Greek god Chronos and the English word Master. Chronos, the creator god of Greek mythology, was considered the personification of time. Master means master and so the Chronomaster with its many hands, stopwatch function and the often granted view into the clockwork is thus master of time. A truly apt name for this masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking.