Rolex Yachtmaster II

We are often asked what makes the nimbus of this Swiss luxury watch. And why used and vintage watches like the Rolex Yachtmaster II or its predecessor achieve high sales revenues even when buying watches on the internet, even if the specific model may not be one of the most preferred collector's items. For HORANDO, the point is clear: a classic retains its value even as time passes by, and often even increases its resale value over its purchase price. It is also the "heirloom factor" that speaks for the acquisition of a Rolex. Comparable to the golden pocket watch that old gentlemen of the Gründerzeit pulled out of their vest pocket on a chain and held to their grandson's ear. And the continuity that Rolex has demonstrated for 100 years in terms of quality, market leadership and model fidelity plays a decisive role here. Cult status, the unbeatable recognition value and the decidedly celebrity image do the rest.

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With love - your Rolex

Even more important - the Rolex, as well as the Yachtmaster II of course, is loved, not infrequently idolized, always cared for and cherished by its wearers. Appreciation for what is abundantly received: long-lasting functionality, unpretentious handling and a racy appearance that gives pleasure every day anew. Even a luxury watch should adapt to the wearer, not the other way around. Daily recharging, as with a smartphone, would be extremely annoying. Self-winding watches go with every movement. The fact that Rolex luxury watches don't cater to every trend is also what gives them their personality and distinctiveness. And who wouldn't want to benefit from that?

Was hat die Yachtmaster II, was die Vorgängerin noch nicht kann?

A clever model policy led to the fact that even the first Yachtmaster from 1997 was followed by a revised version, which quickly became synonymous with the proverbial yachtsman's wristwatch. The Yachtmaster II appeared in 2011 and caused a minor sensation at BASELWORLD 2012 in the Oyster Perpetual Yachtmaster Rolesium version. The latest Rolex innovation brought ergonomic improvements, optimized wearing conditions and a more reliable bracelet clasp that takes no risks. Technical innovations were also to be marveled at in the bezel and case: the bi-directional rotating bezel, with a ring of 120 teeth and a trigonal spring, makes handling a touch more precise and accurate. Its polished graduations - optimal for easy reading of time spans - and the luminescent broad hands and indices make it possible to read the indications precisely even in the darkest of nights. The distinctive case, made of extremely corrosion-resistant solid stainless steel, is screwed to the fluted case back with a special key accessible only to Rolex watchmakers. Contributing to the high level of water resistance is the Triplock winding crown, which fully complies with Rolex standards with a patented triple sealing system. Of course, the Yachtmaster II is not without its cyclops magnifier or sapphire crystal. The automatic self-winding mechanism caliber 3135 identifies the Yachtmaster II as a certified chronometer. A blue Parachrom hairspring, which is immune to magnetic fields and temperature fluctuations, also makes the Yachtmaster II's accuracy impervious to shocks.

Buying (selling) watches on the internet is - how could it be otherwise - a question of honor

Of course, the Yachtmaster II is the epitome of a sailor's wristwatch and, by its very nature, is at home on yachts, motorboats and sailing ships. But by no means limited to them. Anyone who has fallen in love with the blue bezel and the faithfully beating heart will wear the Yachtmaster II in all situations. After all, you have to be prepared - my yacht, my house, my wristwatch - it can sometimes happen quickly. And not just by winning the lottery. Even if you can't directly take your desired watch in your hand and feel it when buying a watch on the internet - at HORANDO you don't take any risk. We vouch for the authenticity and genuineness of the luxury watches sold to you. After all, it is not without reason that we have dedicated ourselves to exceptional wristwatches with a high standard.