Gebrauchte Uhren - Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vintage Uhren

The luxury watch universe is filled with countless shining stars and planets. Which one is the one and only for you? To limit oneself to a single brand, a model, seems more difficult than a very personal moon landing once one has developed an inclination to masterful, unique watches. Fascinated by her technical sophistication and craftsmanship and at the same time exhilarated by the aesthetics of her beautiful exterior, we begin a watch affair like a new love. Distinctive stages in life such as exams, career jumps, marriages or anniversaries are a wonderful occasion to indulge in a watch that has long been revered from afar. Vintage watches, luxury watches that already have a first life behind them, make it easier for us to fully enjoy the show run of desirable watch beauties. HORANDO also knows the secret magic of longing and makes it concrete - with flawless vintage copies from renowned manufacturers such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega and Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer or IWC and all the other exciting watch brands. Pure adrenaline.

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Currently available Gebrauchte Uhren - Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vintage Uhren watches

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We love it - the watch with a past

You were yesterday, but not yesterday! luxury wristwatches. Everyone deserves them, the special moments when time is allowed to stand still. What dovintage luxury watcheshave in them that new ones don't? Price matters, of course. As a rule, a used watch is cheaper to buy than a copy fresh from the manufactory from current model series. But at HORANDO all prices are sharp and customer-friendly calculated, and the cheaper vintage price would explain the fascination only half. Vintage luxury watches inspire by their origin from past decades, even centuries, by character and charisma, with their lived watch life. They tell us a story, and we listen spellbound to the ticking of an unbreakable promise. Its natural patina often proves an authentic beauty that lacks a lifted face. We treat our darling carefully and with care, because the "old girl" is more sensitive to water contact, abrupt acceleration, impact or impact than her brand-new counterpart of today. A vintage luxury watch means understatement and chutzpah for its wearers. The ironic refraction of an idea that stands for peculiarity, perfection, mastery and brilliance.

Buy Vintage Watches at HORANDO - a safe bank

In a love relationship, feelings dominate, not unlike the purchase of a vintage watch. The object of watch lust pleases, awakens our desire to stroke it, to feel it. Not the cheaper price is the decisive factor, at the latest since Freud we know that 95% of the decisions are based on the emotion achieved. A luxury watch should reflect the wearer, his charisma, his posture. Watch and human in a congruent relationship. A watch determines the personality more than the clothing. But as we all know, love is blind. Do not switch off your head completely when buying vintage watches. High-class vintage watch brands such asPatek Philippe,Rolex,Breitling,CartierorPaneraishould only be purchased from reputable suppliers or dealers. Certificate, serial number, paper, and original packaging are meaningful documents that give you security, as well as the tested optical condition. HORANDO master watchmakers set the bar very high when revising the external and internal condition of a vintage watch.Factors that reduce the value play a role in determining the time value and price. Has the vintage watch been machined or ground? Are all components still present in the original or were spare parts installed? Have the crown (on manually wound watches), dial, hands and case glass been replaced, or have any other operations been carried out? Does she still have her natural patina? Visible signs of wear can be tolerated, small blemishes are offset by the originality of the watch, scratches are the beauty marks of modern times. Only when we think the property is good all around, we put it on the market. Value-adding and stable in value. Because a vintage watch - from around the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s - will still be vintage in 10 years' time. A brand new watch in 2015 quickly loses its virgin look. A certified, tested, refurbished vintage watch from the Swiss watch manufactory needle is a prospective alternative to the economy stocking.

Vintage - Pros and Cons

Trends have an expiry date. Originals of traditional brands are not. However, consumers' preferences follow current trends. Even before the turn of the millennium, large-format and oversized watches conquered the market, unisex watches with a case diameter of more than 40 mm. Vintage watches from the decades from 1950 onwards reach a maximum of 38 mm and well below, especially for ladies' wristwatches. Contemporary taste can influence the sales price. But trends have their own dynamics - the new mini formats of 22/24 mm diameter at Omega, Rolex or Ebel are enjoying a growing fan base. Even if the inner values of a historical hand-wound watch from the time before the 1960s are undisputed, they cannot reach the high accuracy of newer watches - not to mention quartz watches. But who would see it so strictly, unless he planned a Mars landing or an Atlantic crossing in a sailboat? A small deviation of 4-6 seconds per day is tolerable.If the clock is running too slowly, a (price-reducing) revision can compensate for the flaw. We are currently seeing a trend towards traditional and mechanical watches. A man of flesh and blood breathed a soul into you. It is not without reason that renowned watch manufacturers such asTudor,TAG HeuerandZenithrevived their own watch movement factories, which were shut down in the seventies during the so-called quartz crisis. Or newly founded, as in the case of the traditional watch brand Chopard. Nobody chooses a vintage watch purely for practical or rational reasons. A luxury watch is not just a timepiece. This vintage treasure has different values, is a status symbol, a sign of refined life culture and the ability to pamper oneself. We regard historical or vintage watches as an imperishable part of history and, like August the Strong, King of Saxony, who assembled a wealth of outstanding watches in his "Wunderkammer" that far outlasted his time.

Sell used Watches

You want to part with a luxury watch because you have developed different brand preferences? A heirloom that has fallen to you does not suit your taste? You want to expand your collection with other brands? HORANDO designs the entire sales process - from offer, authenticity check, preparation to marketing and sale. We present your beautiful objects adequately in our highly developed and frequented online shop, in our business premises in the city centre of Bamberg and on the platform of our worldwide operating partner Chrono24.Click here for more information.HORANDO prepares the ground for you to acquire not only excellent brand luxury watches first hand. You also benefit from a constantly updated selection of vintage watches in impeccable condition from different decades. High expertise and professional background, seriousness and professional business conduct and comprehensive service distinguish us strictly from purely mediating watch platforms.