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You want to make room for a new timepiece and sell an older model? Horando as a reputable international watch trade expert helps you to bring fresh wind into your collection. Since 2013, Horando is specialized in digitalizing the watch trade and offering all classic services like purchase, trade-in & consignment sale in a serious and uncomplicated way. For any questions regarding the sale of watches, we are at your side with our expertise.

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Usually, a thorough and time-consuming research is necessary first for a sale. Interested parties inform themselves online about the value of their watch with the help of its age and manufacturer. Picture marks, hallmarks and serial numbers can also be helpful. Of course, the condition of the watch, its age, the materials and the number of pieces produced always play an important role. But this can be tedious and confusing, because often you come across very different results in the course of the research. The offering itself can also prove to be tedious: How do I take good photos, which platform should I use, would I rather place an ad or an auction? Horando takes this work off your hands and makes you a competitive offer in a very straightforward way, depending on your own price expectations. In the time for research, ad creation, shipping and so on, you can already choose a new watch in the online store.