Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos immediately catches the eye with its extremely unusual dial for a luxury watch. It is either black or dark blue and features strikingly wide, white markers and hands. Only the second hand is inconspicuously slim. Both the second hand and the minute hand are completely straight and only taper to a point at the very end. The shorter hour hand is not wider than the minute hand and ends in a straight bar instead of a tip. However, slightly below the end, it has a checkered extension, which gives the impression of a tip from a distance.

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Readability capitalized

Presumably, this is because the Tudor Pelagos is a diver's watch. The thick white bars stand out clearly against the dark background and are thus probably still visible in murky water. The hour markers are also clearly designed in the same way, with the twelve o'clock marker clearly standing out from the other markers due to its arrow shape. The six and nine o'clock positions are marked with white bars, while the less significant hour positions are marked by squares of the same width but shorter length. The date display is found at the three o'clock position. It too has a white background to match the scheme of the markers. However, it is shorter and appears narrower than the nine o'clock bar, thus attracting attention.

Robust and water-resistant

Since its beginnings, Tudor has been a brand associated with particularly robust watches. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Tudor Pelagos is made of durable titanium. As a watch designed for practical use by divers, the Tudor Pelagos is water-resistant to a depth of 500 m, or 1,640 ft, and has its own valve for pressure equalization during deep dives. This is another Tudor tradition. From the 1960s to the 1980s, Tudor was the watch brand of the US Navy and the French Marine Nationale, among others.