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The watch models of the U-Boat brand have launched a new watch generation, which differs in essential points from conventional watch models. The U-Boat Capsoil watch offers the wearer increased wearing comfort, Made in Italy.

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New and unique design - U-Boat Capsoil - luminosity ahead!

The Capsoil series bears its name because the dial is enclosed in an oily liquid. This creates a depth effect and a colour play of the extra class. Immerse yourself in the world of watches with a depth ground. The liquid forms an air bubble that seems to float above the dial. The fluorescent hands and numbers give the watch a young and fresh touch and make you a real eye-catcher.

Immerse yourself! - With the waterproof U-Boat Capsoil

With other watches you can dive, but none can reach the 100 m depth without being damaged. The submarine Capsoil always reports the correct time, even in deeper waters.

High-quality materials - U-Boat Capsoil - Made in Italy

The U-Boat Capsoil is manufactured from robust and high-quality materials. The quartz movement offers the wearer reliable functionality and a unique design. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal. The watch lover also benefits from the increased wearing comfort due to the calf leather processed in the bracelet. The case is coated, the crown is screwed, these processing finenesses make the U-Boat Capsoil one of the high-quality watch models of today.

Which models are produced within the Capsoil series?

The U-Boat Capsoil is available in different versions, the manufacturer distinguishes between the following models:
  • U-Boat Capsoil 8109
  • U-Boat Capsoil 8110
  • U-Boat Capsoil DLC

The modern U-Boat watch has a youthful and refreshing design, which can be worn with its shape, on many occasions and in everyday situations. This everyday watch is striking and eye-catching, but not like other luxury watches. The Capsoil submarine is timeless, young and of the highest quality. The watch meets all the features and quality requirements that connoisseurs expect from the U-Boat brand.

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