U-Boat Chimera

They are large and magnificent watches - the model series of the Italian watch manufacturer U-BOAT have left footprints in the landscape of luxury wristwatches since they entered the market in 2000. Footprints of giants. Exceptional pieces in an exceptional industry. Timepieces that are increasingly in demand when buying watches on the internet, but which, thanks to their limited edition, are much like winning the lottery by a lucky chance. Well, almost.

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U-BOAT Chimera - model with Greek history

The most popular U-BOAT series - the Chimera - confidently refers to a topos from Greek mythology. Ovid describes the daughter of two monsters, as a hybrid creature that combined parts of a lion, a goat and a snake - or was it a dragon? - all combined into one. Fire-breathing, Chimaira lived at Olympos, in the company of her no less spectacular siblings Hydra, Cerberos, Sphinx and Orthos. Both man and beast were terrified by her. A descendant of Sisyphus killed her with the help of the winged horse Pegasos. Other ancient poets describe it as a three-headed creature. Both are highly unusual phenomena that create fabulous images in our mind's eye.

How did the U-BOAT Chimera get its name?

Besides its meaning as a hybrid being, we also call a chimera a rationally intangible phenomenon, a mirage. The U-BOAT Chimera seems to be neither at first nor at second glance, but it ignites our imagination to unimagined heights no less than its namesake. Its creator, Italo Fontana, can rightly be called an extraordinary man with an equally unprecedented grandfather. The plans for a timepiece of extreme robustness and reliability, which the grandson found in his grandfather's estate, refer to him. With the passion of a polar explorer and much dedication to design and creation, Italo Fontana set about giving shape to the 1942 plans initiated, but not realized, for the Italian Ministry of War for underwater and airborne forces. In 7 years of joint development with fashion designer Mounir Moufarrige, the result was a masterpiece that astonished the industry and customers alike. Stupendous design of powerful distinction and detail-loving originality are combined with the premium precision of the Swiss automatic clockwork ETA = ecco la chimera.

U-BOAT Chimera available at luxury and vintage watch specialist HORANDO

The power of natural forces seems to be inherent in the Chimera, the thunder of breakers crashing against submarine steel walls. However, the Chimera cannot be shaken. With a diameter of 46 to 55 mm and a height of 18 mm, it is one of the largest wristwatches in the world, and its design is modestly restrained. In contrast, the colors, shapes and designs of the dial catch admiring glances. The must-have feature of all U-BOAT watches - the crown with special protection, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear - is also found on the 925 silver case of the Chimera. In addition, a flexible black crocodile strap, stop function, second time zone and the magnifying glass on the date display - pure masculine noblesse. Supported by the wave-shaped brown carbon case in 48 mm size, the 30-minute counter and a 60-second chronograph, the Chimera 7177 Carbon radiates a concentrated charge of virility. Its power reserve of 48 hours guarantees fidelity, while the vintage look is formed by distinctively stylized time indicators with Arabic numerals and a contrasting light-dark alternation of colors.