Rolex Iced Out
Sabine Meding, last updated on 01/07/2024

Known throughout the world for its first-class luxury watches, the Swiss brand Rolex is characterized by a wide range of fine timepieces for almost every taste. In addition to classic dress watches, highly functional sports watches and sophisticated models with breathtaking complications, Rolex also presents customers with watches from the "Iced Out" category. In this article, we explain exactly what this is all about and which Rolex Iced Out models are particularly popular.

What exactly does the term "Iced Out" mean?

While experienced watch enthusiasts will of course immediately know what is meant by an "Iced Out" watch, the term is usually unfamiliar to laypeople and newcomers to the watch scene. The English words are used to describe a timepiece when it has a high number of gemstones set into it. These are typically diamonds, but can also be sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other exquisite stones.

The gemstones that shine on the bezel, the dial and the case enhance the respective watch in an unmistakable way and give it a look that leaves no doubt about the elegance and high quality of the expensive piece of jewelry.

Rolex models with "Iced Out" finishing

There are now a number of Rolex Iced Out watches, although most of them are produced in very small quantities and are therefore difficult to obtain. We are not dealing with models that are exclusively available with diamonds. The watches with precious stones are genuine classics to which only the aforementioned finishing is added.

When it comes to Rolex watches that are particularly often set with precious stones, the Rolex Datejust and Day-Date wristwatches are particularly worthy of mention. These two popular timepieces typically have a date display, are produced in various sizes and adorn the wrists of numerous watch-loving ladies and gentlemen with generous budgets. Encrusted with the finest diamonds, they look even more luxurious and feel at home on the red carpets, big galas and exclusive events around the world.

Another collection of watches that Rolex likes to adorn with diamonds is the Pearlmaster series. The high-quality timepieces, which are adorned with characteristic Roman numerals depending on the version, can definitely wear the precious stones wonderfully without ever looking overloaded or too extravagant.

And then, of course, there is the GMT-Master II: the iconic sports watch is also frequently spotted in diamond-set versions, with even the two-tone bezels sometimes made of precious stones. This makes the Rolex Iced Out GMT-Master II unquestionably a watch that attracts everyone's attention.

How much does the Rolex Iced Out cost?

If you want to own such a luxurious watch, you have to be prepared to invest a considerable sum. This is because the models with precious stones are naturally significantly more expensive than the already price-intensive references without diamonds. All models are in the five-digit range, with the price on the open market often even consisting of six digits.

In terms of pricing, however, it also plays a role whether the watch in question has been fitted with gemstones as standard or subsequently. The aftermarket versions, which have been subsequently enhanced, are sometimes somewhat cheaper and, depending on the model, are available from around €20,000.

Selection of diamonds and gemstones

Rolex also remains true to itself with regard to the selection of gemstones for the "sparkling look" and naturally relies on the best quality stones with the most beautiful sparkle. With this in mind, the gemstones are carefully inspected by specialists before they end up on a watch. In this way, the Swiss manufactory fulfills even the highest demands on the quality of a genuine luxury watch with these products.

Craftsmanship and workmanship of Iced Out Rolex watches

The incomparably high quality of the gem-set watches is no coincidence for the renowned Swiss watch brand. It is ensured by the in-house gem-setting and gemmology department, where experts in precisely this field carry out their artful work. What happens here is true craftsmanship: extreme precision is required when placing and fixing each individual gemstone. Because only when numerous factors - such as the alignment of the stones, the height arrangement and the proportions - interact perfectly can a result be achieved that amazes the observer with its harmony and pure aesthetics.

At Rolex, the so-called diamond pavé dial is worth a special mention in this context. We are talking about a dial that is completely covered in the finest diamonds - a spectacular sight! To achieve this flawless result, each diamond is given a setting specially made for it. In addition, the grains are not cut automatically, but by hand, which means that each stone can be treated individually in this area too. Overall, this elaborate process reflects the high value that Rolex has always placed on the traditional art of jewelry making.

Conclusion: The ultimate luxury watch - Rolex Iced Out

Created from the highest level of craftsmanship, Rolex Iced Out watches are of the highest quality and radiate top-class luxurious elegance. The very special models with the expensive finish are real rarities that can be described as the shining crowning glory of any watch collection.

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