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Stefan Sebök, last updated on 12/10/2023

When it comes to luxury watches, many people spontaneously imagine a large men's watch made of silver or gold with a heavy, ostentatious look. A cliché that does not even begin to do justice to the variety of watches in the luxury segment. In this article, we focus on the opposite, so to speak. We take a look at chic high-end ladies' watches, give tips on buying a fine timepiece and present some particularly attractive models for women in detail.

The art of elegance: ladies' wristwatches for individual preferences

These days, watches are far more than just functional timepieces. They are indispensable accessories that can crown a look with the right combination. While a classic, rather simple ladies' watch made of gold or silver enhances almost any outfit, more unusual watch models act as impressive eye-catchers and can express the wearer's individual style.

For example, a high-quality smartwatch looks particularly sporty, a ladies' watch with embellishments - for example in the form of diamonds - exudes pure elegance and products with colorful elements add a large portion of extravagance. Thanks to the huge selection of ladies' watches and the many new timepieces that are constantly being launched, every woman will ultimately find a watch that suits her personal taste perfectly.

A look inside the movement: ladies' wristwatches and their technology

Inside, ladies' watches differ only slightly from men's models. The products of renowned brands are equipped with powerful, sophisticated movements and are known for their reliability and precision.

The two most common movement variants are quartz and automatic movements. Both options have their advantages, which is why the decision for or against a particular movement ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities.

The watch that is never missing: ladies' wristwatches for everyday use

One thing is clear: most women only wear particularly expensive and visually striking ladies' watches, for example with lots of gold, diamonds and an elaborate bracelet, on important occasions. More discreet watches that fit comfortably on the wrist and are easy to combine thanks to their comparatively simple design are often more suitable for everyday wear.

Nevertheless, watches for everyday use should not lack a certain spark of elegance. Fortunately, many modern timepieces combine an elegant, chic look with high wearing comfort, the necessary robustness and convincing functionality. This makes the ladies' watch a reliable everyday companion that is always on hand and not "only" shows the time, but also offers great visual added value.

Choosing the ideal ladies' wristwatch: tips for making the right purchase

As watches from well-known brands come at a price, it is advisable to consider your own ideas and wishes carefully before making a purchase. Online, you can view a huge selection of models in just a few clicks, compare them and get a feel for your personal preferences. This helps you to ultimately find and buy your new favorite watch.

There are a few features that should be considered when choosing a watch:

  • Material: gold, silver, rose, steel or platinum - Which material is preferred for the case and bracelet?

  • Design: Is the dream watch rather classic and simple and therefore easy to combine or should it be something more eye-catching?

  • Movement type: What type of movement should power the watch?

  • Functions: Are there any complications that the watch of choice should definitely have?

  • Price: What budget sets the financial framework for the purchase?

The most popular ladies' wristwatches

As announced at the beginning, we will now turn our attention to some popular watches specifically for women and take a look at what they have to offer:

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Lady-Datejust is a ladies' watch in a class of its own. Whether in gold, modern rose gold or the appealing bicolor version: with a delicate 28 mm case, date display and calibre 2236, the diamond-edged Lady-Datejust is definitely a watch that is always on trend.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Wave patterns or mother-of-pearl on the dial, finely curved bracelet links, filigree hands and a reduced diameter of 28 to 38 mm: the diamond-set ladies' models from the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra collection have everything a watch enthusiast's heart desires. The thoroughly elegant watches, which are available in gold, rose gold, stainless steel and bicolor design, are water-resistant to 150 meters and come with dials in 14 different colors.

Breguet Classique moon phase

The Breguet Classique moon phase ladies' watches measure 30 mm in diameter and are available with bracelets made of precious metals as well as leather straps. The dial of the automatic watch, which is primarily available in gold and rose gold, features a perfectly shaped moon phase display that fits perfectly into the overall picture and is clearly the highlight of this attractive model.

Chopard Happy Sport

While the first glance at the Chopard Happy Sport is primarily the numerous diamonds that catch the eye, the classic watch impresses at second glance with many other impressive features. Delicately fluted dials, a bracelet in a bold color, Roman numerals and exquisitely crafted gold or steel make the Chopard ladies' models the first choice of many women in every single variant.

Seiko Presage

Dials in pastel shades, bicolor or leather strap options, shapely hands and a date display: Seiko Presage ladies' watches have been delighting women for years with their elegant, playful look and cut a fine figure on any wrist.


Due to the wonderful variety of ladies' watches, it may take some time to get an overview and buy the perfect product. After all, the market offers everything from smartwatches with silicone elements to complex chronographs in plain silver with leather straps and eye-catching watches in bold colors. Fortunately, it is possible to explore the entire range of watches online, take a look at all the new options and gradually find out which new model ideally complements your personal look.

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During my school days I worked in the warehouse of an auction house and that was when I first came into contact with exclusive, mechanical watches. The fascination was born from that moment and has not let go of me to this day. So it was clear to me very early on that I wanted to learn more about the history and price development of watches - and of course I wanted to own an automatic watch at some point. (My absolute dream, unfortunately far away, was a Rolex GMT Master with the blue and red Pepsi bezel). During my studies, I took my first steps in trading used watches via various online marketplaces and was then able to afford a used Breitling Colt.