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Sabine Meding, last updated on 08/07/2023

Rolex watches are known for their outstanding quality, versatile, exquisite designs and unparalleled value stability - but also for their high price. A luxury watch from Rolex is clearly not a bargain, but that doesn't have to make the dream of owning a Rolex watch come to an end. Because: With many providers you can buy a Rolex on installments. What financing options are available at Horando in this regard, whether such an investment is worthwhile and what advantages are associated with the installment purchase, is explained below.

No cash, no problem: financing options for Rolex watches

The installment payment offers the possibility to purchase a Rolex watch without having to put the entire purchase price "on the table" at once. Thus, even watch fans with a more limited budget have the chance to fulfill their dream of a luxury watch. The purchase of the desired watch comes within reach thanks to installment financing.

Most retailers work together with third-party providers when it comes to installment purchases in order to offer customers the best possible service and convenient processing in this regard. When buying from the Horando online store, Klarna is available for installment financing.

This is a renowned Swedish payment service provider that is characterized by high security standards, outstanding reliability and the highest respectability. Klarna enables numerous online stores - including Horando - to offer their customers the option of financing luxury watches on installments. A type of financing that is extremely attractive for many watch fans.

Finance Rolex now - It's that easy!

What is the procedure for a Rolex installment purchase? This question is probably asked by everyone who wants to finance a Rolex. Depending on the dealer and payment service provider, for example Easycredit, Creditplus or Klarna, the exact path from the offer to the conclusion of the financing can of course differ. In this article, we focus on financing with Klarna and would like to describe in detail how the purchase of a luxury watch on installments with this provider proceeds.

  1. Browse models and add watches to the shopping cart

    Which of the exquisite Rolex products from our store would you like to buy? In the first step, it is recommended to take enough time to browse our website and the numerous luxury watches from the Horando range. Once you have found your personal favorite watch, you can add it to your shopping cart with a single click and then continue shopping or proceed directly to checkout.

  2. Specify delivery details

    So that we can properly ship the watch to its new proud owner once the financing is in place, we ask at this point for the data we need to deliver the watch. This includes first and last name as well as the address. We also need a valid e-mail address. There is a simple reason for this: if we have any queries about an order, we can easily contact the customer by e-mail and, if necessary, send him important information about his Rolex installment purchase.

  3. Select "Pay in installments" with Klarna

    Subsequently, each customer has the opportunity to choose from various payment options - from credit card to PayPal to Amazon Pay - the one that best suits his individual needs and wishes. Among them is also the Klarna installment purchase, which is set as a payment option with a click on "Pay in installments".

  4. Select payment plan

    This is followed by a direct link to Klarna, where payment details are clarified. First, Klarna presents various payment plans that differ in terms of their duration and the associated conditions. Terms of between six and 36 months are possible, so customers are quite flexible here. Important: This is not yet a fixed offer from Klarna, but merely an initial proposal for financing, to which neither Klarna nor the buyer are bound at this point.

  5. Enter data

    Next, Klarna also asks for some data, filling out the form in a few minutes.

  6. Start financing request with credit check

    The next step involves a credit check, which is conscientiously carried out by Klarna. This ultimately decides whether the installment purchase with this provider can come about. Depending on the results of the check, Klarna can decide for or against the financing. So it will be exciting!

  7. Receiving results and conditions

    The good news is that interested parties will receive information immediately after their inquiry as to whether Klarna will provide financing in their case. Should Klarna offer the installment purchase based on a positive credit check, a concrete offer will now be submitted. The customer receives all relevant information, for example, the amount of the "loan", the term of the financing, the sum of the payments, the processing fees and the amount of the individual installment. He can therefore look at all the conditions again at his leisure before having to make a decision on his part: Fulfill dream and buy Rolex on installments - yes or no?

  8. Complete the order and look forward to the Rolex watch

    Up until this moment, the customer can decide against financing at any time and cancel the process. Only now - with the acceptance of the Klarna offer - the Rolex installment purchase becomes binding. At the same time, the watch order is completed in the store. For the buyer, this means first and foremost that he can look forward to the successful Rolex installment purchase and the imminent arrival of his Rolex watches.

Finance Rolex without interest

Anyone who wants to finance a Rolex logically wants zero percent financing. This means, so to speak, financing without interest. As a buyer, you pay the purchase price in installments, without a surcharge in the form of interest. The amount of interest charged by Klarna - as is the case with most payment service providers offering the installment purchase option - depends largely on the term of the loan. Klarna does not offer zero-percent financing as such. However, the "Pay in 3" installment purchase is possible. This provides only three installments with an immediate down payment and waives interest. However, most buyers who want to buy a Rolex on installments will probably prefer more than three installments and will have to live with the fact that they will be charged a certain interest rate. The exact amount of interest charged in each individual case is, of course, communicated transparently when buying by installments.

Is it worthwhile to finance a Rolex?

Whether the Rolex installment purchase is a good idea in an individual case depends on a number of factors. If you see the Rolex watch as an investment from which you hope to get a good return later on, then the purchase can certainly be worthwhile. Because: There is hardly any other brand that is as stable in value as Rolex. Rolex stands worldwide for the highest craftsmanship, amazing precision and outstanding quality. The brand enjoys an excellent reputation and many models, such as the Rolex Daytona, the Rolex Explorer or even the Rolex Submariner, are traded on the secondary market very far above list price.

But: There is no guarantee for an increase in value with watches. Therefore, a good portion of luck is always required. In addition, the condition of a watch is of enormous importance when reselling it. If the Rolex is in poor condition and shows heavy signs of wear, it may only be sold at a comparatively low price, despite the increase in value of the model itself. Accordingly, it is advisable to treat luxury watches with extreme care, perform regular maintenance and make sure that the papers and box are not lost.

So, in summary, it is not always, but quite often worthwhile to make an investment in a Rolex luxury watch. The Rolex installment purchase can pay off with a significant increase in value despite the interest that accrues when buying on installment. We advise you to take a close look at which Rolex models are particularly popular, how the market has developed in the past and which luxury watch has a good chance of a positive development in price. Basically, however, the following also applies to the purchase of a luxury watch: If you cannot afford to get back only part of the money you invested with the installment purchase, you should think carefully about whether you want to take this financial risk.

What are the advantages of Rolex financing?

If you want to finance a luxury watch from Rolex, you should definitely consider the advantages and disadvantages of installment payments in advance. The disadvantages are quickly explained and mainly refer to the interest, which in total leads to a higher sum of the payment. The price that you pay for the watches is therefore overall higher than the price that you would have to invest if you did not buy on installments. In addition, as already described, there is no guarantee that watches will increase in value. The other side of the coin shows the advantages of paying in installments, which are as follows:

Rolex watch despite a limited budget

Dealers who offer installment payments give their customers the opportunity to fulfill their desire for a Rolex, even if their budget is currently not enough to pay the full price "in one fell swoop". Even if the financial situation does not currently allow to purchase Rolex watches by one-time payment, this way it is possible to enjoy such a luxurious watch - whether new or used in good condition.

Installment purchase spreads the financial burden

The installment purchase of watches spreads the financial burden pleasantly over a longer period of time. Instead of investing a large sum at once, you pay a partial amount each month, which can be a great financial relief. This means that more watch enthusiasts have the chance to treat themselves to their favorite watches without having to impose massive financial restrictions.

Fast strike thanks to installment purchase

The world of watches can - as connoisseurs of the market know - be quite fast-moving. If you come across an excellent offer, you often have to decide quickly for or against it. Otherwise, the watch of choice may be snatched up from under your nose by someone who is interested more quickly. In other words, with many a lucrative investment, there is no time to save for months in advance. Installment payments give buyers the freedom to act quickly so that they can purchase their desired watches at the best possible time.

Individual installment models selectable

The individual installment models available from Klarna, for example, are clearly a major advantage. As a customer, you can choose from various payment plans with different terms. This means that the installment purchase can be optimally adapted to the individual ideas and circumstances of the buyer. A flexibility that makes the installment financing of watches particularly convenient.

Decision without long waiting periods

Financing Rolex watches is an exciting business! After all, as a buyer, you are often dependent on the installment payment option and so you wait in suspense for a response from the financing partner. Long waiting times can be very stressful at this point. It is all the more welcome that these waiting times are eliminated when financing Rolex with Klarna. After entering the required data and deciding on an installment model, the credit check takes place without any detours. In a very short time, the customer learns whether Klarna will take over the watch financing. In this way, he saves time and can quickly decide for or against a transaction.

Maximum security and transparency

When it comes to financial matters, security and transparency are extremely important. Especially when it comes to the installment financing of luxury watches, the sums involved can be quite large, which is why buyers are well advised to make sure that they choose an absolutely reputable, proven payment service provider. Numerous customers of various online stores have already had positive experiences with payment processing via Klarna in the past. The provider is considered to be reputable through and through, offers buyers maximum security and enables a convenient, uncomplicated watch purchase. In addition, it convinces with transparency: As a customer, you know exactly what conditions are agreed before signing the contract. You don't have to rely on half-baked statements and vague information, but have all the important facts at your fingertips.

Conclusion on the subject of Rolex financing

If you discover the perfect watch at the best price at the dealer, there is often no time for days of deliberation and weeks of saving. And sometimes you just don't want to wait forever to hold your own Rolex in your hands.If it is not possible to pay the full price immediately, buying in installments is a sensible option. In this case, the purchase price is paid in monthly installments, which spreads the financial burden over a longer period of time. The exact conditions depend primarily on the term, which can be selected flexibly at Klarna. This way, more people can enjoy their luxury Rolex watches, even if their budget does not allow for a purchase by one-time payment.

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