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The Rolex brand is undoubtedly one of the most important and successful watch manufacturers in the world, arousing great emotions among collectors and watch lovers alike. ROLEX is the luxury watch that is most copied worldwide. In addition to the approximately 800,000 certified new pieces produced annually and sent from Biel to all parts of the world, there are also countless pirated copies. Connoisseurs like HORANDO can of course easily distinguish these from a genuine ROLEX, but the fact that the market observes such an enormous demand also points to the brand's nimbus. The high recognition value of ROLEX helps to give the wearer its own aura of authenticity and originality. The archetypal of its history. Its lasting value and heirloom charm. Wearing ROLEX means having cash on your wrist. Especially rare models can have their purchase price multiplied over the years. The celebrity factor. The fusion of extravagance and function.

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Cosmograph Daytona

Hardly any other watch stands for speed and is theultimative benchmark for racing enthusiasts as well as the icon among chronographs. It does not require much explanation - we are talking about the Rolex Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, which celebrated its 50th anniversary only in 2013.

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Datejust 36

She seems to be ageless, always with a fresh, promising smile on her charming bezel. For 100 years, the noble beauty from the Swiss city of Geneva/Bienne has been making the hearts of all those beat faster who consider style to be a principle of life.

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GMT Master II

Despite all the admiration for the noble look, the GMT-Master II cannot hide the fact that it has remained a functional watch that does not shy away from daily use. Certainly, its wearer doesn't necessarily have to be a pilot of a commercial or private aircraft, but a little desire to fly high can't hurt.

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At the 1954 Basel Watch Fair, the sensation was complete: all attention was drawn to a wristwatch with a black dial and luminous numerals, hands, seconds counters, an easy-grip rotating bezel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a double-secured twinlock crown: the Rolex Submariner - "The Diver's friend."

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Vorteile bei HORANDO

Not only visionary watchmaker, but brand strategist and PR talent

ROLEX would perhaps not have had this stellar career if the founder of the manufacture had not practiced downright gifted marketing from the very beginning. And in doing so, he prepared the ground for an extraordinary lifetime achievement, the likes of which we know today from the exceptional talents of Silicon Valley. When the young Hans Wilsdorf left the Upper Franconian province like a hero in a fairy tale to find his fortune in Switzerland and London, it was a conscious decision and a courageous solo venture. He remained a pioneer throughout his life. In an era when wristwatches were still met with great skepticism, the self-made businessman established his ROLEX brand as early as 1908. The company name is interpreted as a derivation from Horlogerie exquise. It made it clear from the start in which brand segment ROLEX wanted to play first fiddle. Wearing a watch on the wrist and not on a chain in the vest pocket was considered unmanly and suspicious. Technical innovation and fundamental new developments accompany the path of the brand. Hans Wilsdorf pursued a brand strategy that culminated in the crystal-clear image statement in the ROLEX crown - a strong message per se. The fact that he had every model certified for the first time was another strategic masterstroke. With a sure-fire instinct for PR impact, he attracted well-known extreme athletes such as long-distance swimmer Mercedes Gleitze as promotional supporters as early as the mid-twenties. While attempting to conquer the English Channel, she wore the first waterproof Rolex timepiece around her neck. The Oyster Submariner emerged safe and sound from the icy waters - and Wilsdorf raked in headlines in the major London dailies. Sir Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everest with a Rolex Explorer in 1953, and in 1960, a ROLEX special edition explored the underworld of the nearly 11,000-meter-deep Mariana Trench with extreme diver Jacques Piccard.

A classic with charisma, immortal, ageless

Arguments owed to functionality, however, should not distract from one thing: ROLEX is beautiful. Technically perfect. Multifunctional. Mature and exceptional. Ageless, because its design has met with frenetic applause by every generation since the company was founded. ROLEX has never had to reinvent itself, it has remained what it was. Optimized by constant innovations and mature technology. But untouched as a character. The extraordinary quality and material standards have to prove themselves anew every day in special departments in Biel, when the models are subjected to high stress tests. The selection of special materials adds to this - ROLEX production is the only watch manufacturer in the world to use type 904 L high-carbon steel, which is subjected to a test that could not be harder before processing.

Welcome to the ROLEX world

ROLEX has been "built close to the water" from the very beginning, whether as a functional watch or a smart timepiece and elegant accessory. The ROLEX Datejust is perceived by many as THE luxury wristwatch par excellence. The ROLEX model that was the first to bear the name and the five-pointed crown. As the first self-winding wristwatch with waterproof chronometer function and two and a half times magnifying cyclops, the Rolex Datejust also became the pioneer of diving watches. The ROLEX Submariner topped it with a water resistance of 300 meters, spectacular at the time of its development, until the SeaDweller finally descended to a depth of almost 4,000 meters. The reputation of the ROLEX Yachtmaster, on the other hand, resonates with celebrity devotees who feel at home on the planks of a luxurious yacht. In 1992, when it hit the market in 18-carat gold and 7 years later in a Rolesium material (a mixture of steel and platinum) developed by ROLEX itself and therefore unique, it hardly seemed possible to improve on it. Nevertheless, the Yachtmaster II overtook its predecessor with a bi-color setting of white and yellow gold and diamonds. Compared to this noble creature, the ROLEX GMT, SkyDweller and SeaDweller are more robust comrades. They do their duty with high dedication and unique functionality, without lacking style and extravagance. The Rolex SeaDweller became the flagship of the house. It also demonstrates greatness in materials and scale. Every detail is designed for the deep sea. The titanium alloy defies any pressure while maintaining optimal accuracy, the helium overpressure valve is for safety when surfacing, and the dial can be read perfectly even in the darkest depths. Finally, ROLEX shows its colors with the GMT Master II, the ideal companion for long-distance flights. This is where the brand seems to want to live out its untamed lust for a good dose of bling bling (at a high level). With the simultaneous display of two different time zones, integrated Saros annual calendar and other uniqueness features, the SkyDweller conquers the airspace of comfort-conscious frequent flyers and world travelers.

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