Watch winders

It is well known that automatic watches must be worn regularly or wound manually in order to function optimally over the long term. The power reserve indicates the maximum amount of time a freshly wound watch can run before it needs to be wound again. The majority of watches have a power reserve of 36 to 48 hours, rarely a full 72 hours. If you fail to take care of the winding, the watch, including all complications, must be reset - depending on the model, this can be a really time-consuming undertaking. This is exactly where the so-called watch winder comes in and puts fans of automatic watches in the comfortable position of no longer having to think about winding their favorite timepieces on time.

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How watch winders work

In automatic watches, the energy required to operate the movement is stored via a mainspring. This mainspring contracts due to the movements that inevitably occur when the watch is worn, which increases the power reserve. If, on the other hand, the watch is at rest, the mainspring gradually relaxes and the power reserve decreases continuously.

The watch winder in which the watches are inserted performs rotating movements and turns the timepieces around their own axis in an adjustable number of revolutions and direction. This tensions the mainspring and the power reserve is not depleted even though the watch is not being worn.

Advantages: What speaks for the watch winder

These plus points make it clear that a watch winder is a really useful accessory for watch fans:

Time and labor savings

If you only own two or three automatic watches and wear them alternately, you can confidently do without a watch winder. However, if you have built up a small or large collection, it is hardly possible to wear all the watches before their power reserve drops to zero. As a result, you have to expect to have to reset the timepieces, which involves an immense amount of time and work, especially for large collections. It is therefore a real relief when the watch winder saves you from this task.

Efficient and gentle winding

High-quality watch winders are designed to wind watches as gently and efficiently as possible. The rotations are smooth, with the watch positioned on the clasp at an ideal angle of 90 degrees and both unidirectional and bidirectional winding possible.

Practical extra functions

Some watch winders have practical extra functions on board that further increase the added value that the products offer the user. For example, there are models with fast winding, winders with an adjustable sleep phase to simulate a "normal" wearing rhythm and models with synchronized running.

Safe storage with a chic look

Ultimately, a high-quality watch winder is of course also an extremely stylish storage option in which the watches can be stored safely and attractively.

Different designs for every need

As watch winders have long since proven their worth and are considered a useful accessory that many collectors no longer want to do without, they are now available in a wide variety of designs. For watch owners, this means that it is highly likely that they will find a model that meets their personal requirements 100%. Interested parties with a small but fine collection, for example, can opt for the HORANDO Rotation Due for two watches, which is characterized by simple handling and a convincing price-performance ratio. Depending on the model, there is space for up to twelve watches in a Paul Design watch winder. The products from the brand, which specializes in fine watch winders, are available in various sizes and designs, making them an excellent choice for most watch lovers.

Find the right watch winder for your own collection

Whether you opt for a simple design or a luxury version with interior lighting and elegant lining: watch winders make life easier for lovers of automatic watches and prevent the power reserve from dwindling too far. If you want to treat yourself to such a practical device, you should think carefully in advance about what you expect from a watch winder and find out about the available functions and designs. After all, a watch winder is at its best when it is perfectly suited to the needs of the buyer's watch collection.