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In Germany, one in five people no longer wears a wristwatch. At the same time, more and more discerning people are choosing the object of their desire - driven by a strong inner longing - like a life partner or the ultimate home. In the age of the smartphone, the men's wristwatch has been pronounced dead more than once. Time and time again, it has celebrated rousing comebacks. The fact that Apple has taken it on is not just a marketing stunt. The Apple Watch also springs from an unmistakable sense of what people of the digital age need more urgently than ever: objects worth fighting for or waiting for. Bell & Ross watches, which are rated in the luxury segment, are clearly one of them. Luxury watches mean style and status at the same time. It is usually men who indulge themselves with them - after all, luxury watches are often considered the only acceptable jewelry.

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Bell & Ross succeeds in the balancing act: functionality and value

Swiss producers generate more than 22 billion in sales, primarily with the export of luxury wristwatches from watch manufacturers called Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Tag Heuer. Names with mostly long, even venerable tradition. Between them, a fresh company positioned itself boldly in 1992, which quickly compensated for its youth with success. Significantly, the young founders were not watchmakers from old dynasties. Industrial designer Bruno Belamich and his friend, business economist Carlos Rosillo - combined in the company name Bell & Ross - took up residence in Paris. In the early years they had their watches manufactured by Sinn in Frankfurt, and from 2002 onwards in the Swiss watchmaking stronghold of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Today, over 500 points of sale in 50 countries prove that Bell & Ross is integrated into the extremely active luxury watch scene. This is additionally underlined by a company participation of the luxury goods group CHANEL.

Do things in a big way, splurge, but don't show off

The piece of luxury in the essence of a wristwatch from Bell & Ross is not called swank. It embodies the desire for something essentially superfluous, but highly desirable. The functionality of a wristwatch - to tell time - is topped by a host of features that make these watches extremely suitable for any professional where accuracy, precision, exactness and reliability can be vital to survival. Minesweepers, deep-sea divers, submariners, long-range pilots, astronauts, naval aviators, racing drivers, elite police officers are the suitable protagonists for this stage.

This aura is transmitted to every owner of a Bell & Ross. After all, skirmishes are also fought in the office, business and meetings, where a congenial timepiece paves the way. The fact that top performers in particular wear luxury wristwatches has little to do with income. Rather, it reflects an attitude to life and a clever strategy. More and more businesswomen have also recognized this. They often choose an object from the male domain of mechanical watches. Gladly also XXL. This makes you visible. Exceptionally difficult conditions such as heavy pressure, vibrations, acceleration, extreme temperatures or depth all bounce off a Bell & Ross. The fact that these high-performance luxury watches also boast a straightforward design, noble materials such as gold, platinum, titanium and fine straps made of crocodile or calfskin makes them sought-after and beloved starlets.

Bell & Ross: creators of the ultimate military-look utility watch

Their home is in the development of on-board instruments for the aircraft industry. Perfected watches for a perfect use they should be. The chronograph is virtually synonymous with aviation. Its invention made it possible to measure short times and to perfect flight navigation. At Bell & Ross, chronographs are a tribute to a military tradition. Bell X-1, the legendary American experimental aircraft with rocket engine, broke the sound barrier for the first time in 1947. Introduced by Bell & Ross in the first decade after the turn of the millennium, the BR-01, with its square shape, round dial, unusual dimensions, and exterior oriented toward optimized usability, was a nod to this aeronautical achievement. The Bell & Ross Aviation collection proves - with the Bell & Ross Aviation BR 03-92 Steel, for example - how gritty simplicity combined with high-quality materials, strong signal colors and a clear, unfussy design that focuses on the essential moments can develop a grandiose power of expression and appeal.

The BR 03-94 - the fighter aircraft among the Bell & Ross chronographs - was inspired by the legendary fighter aircraft Rafaele of the French Air Force produced by Dassault Aviation. The limited edition of 500 copies makes it a very sought-after and value-added piece. The 42 x 42 mm case square made of corrosion-resistant and acid-proof ceramic gives the BR 03-94 its tough and operational character. The color orange dominates on the tips of the hands and on the tachymeter scale on the altitude ring, which has the task of calculating the speed. The silhouette of the "godfather plane" is engraved on the small seconds scale at 3. The window at the 3.40 h position marks the date. The rubber strap also identifies the BR 03-94 as a pilot's watch.

Way ahead of its time in 2014: the Bell & Ross Chronograph BR-X1

Durability that transcends time and space is part of the essence of every Bell & Ross wristwatch. Masculine-virile, the BR-X1 has been flexing its muscles since 2014. Technically masterful, visually sporty, futuristic in effect. Breathtaking. It is readily compared to a military all-terrain vehicle or a fighter plane, representing the absolute pinnacle of technology. Its square 45mm titanium case is well wrapped in a protective shield of rubber and highest quality ceramic, a positive reinforcement of its cool military look. At the same time, it guarantees the highest possible feel, usability and solidity. Even with gloves on, the robust BR-X1 is easy to grip. The scratch-resistant materials and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal aim at resistance and best readability. The small round opening in the case back gives a clear view of the balance wheel. The model range gives the impressed prospective customer a lot of leeway by a wide variety of individual and creative solutions.

But Bell & Ross can also be different

The aesthetic language of forms and colors of the elegant Vintage WW 1 Régulateur Rose Gold is a treat for lovers and collectors of rare watches in the neo-classical style. With opaline silver dial, bluish hands, azure counter and crocodile strap, it evokes the wristwatches of the first generations. The distinguishing feature of this back regulator watch is the hierarchical separation between hours, minutes and seconds, each of which is granted its own dial. Short periods of time cannot be read more quickly and precisely.