Rolex Air King

Rolex's Air-King model recalls the days of aviation pioneers, as well as the heyday of aviation history at the time, when the Oyster played an important role. The Rolex Air-King scores with a 40-millimeter case protecting a striking black dial. The Oyster strap is made of solid elements and is secured by an Oyster clasp. In this appearance, the Air-King model from Rolex looks functional as well as timelessly elegant. The Air-King is adapted to the needs of today's owners, but remains faithful to the 1950s model from an aesthetic point of view. Luxury watches from Rolex are always appreciated in all their diversity. However, the sentimental value of a Rolex usually far outweighs its material value. Whether as an heirloom, a generous gift, or a symbol of a success story, a Rolex chronograph often represents personal highlights that real life produces.

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The special features of the Rolex Air-King

The Rolex Air-King watch model bears enlarged numerals for three, six and nine o'clock on its black dial. In addition, the minute scale, in order to accurately read navigation times, was designed to be distinctive. The classic Air-King lettering is original to the exclusive 1950s design. The Oyster strap is as comfortable as it is robust and ultimately the result of a perfect interplay of technology, functionality and aesthetics. The Oyster strap is reliably secured by an Oyster clasp The Rolex Easylink extension system allows the bracelet to be comfortably and easily extended by about five centimeters, ensuring optimal wearing comfort at all times.

Certified Swiss Chronometer - luxury Watches from Rolex

Luxury watches from Rolex in general and especially the model Air-King from Rolex are certified Swiss chronometers. The watch model Rolex Air-King has a caliber 3131, which is a mechanical movement equipped with an automatic self-winding mechanism. This was completely developed and manufactured by the Rolex manufacture. To be called precision certified, Rolex luxury watches must be successfully tested for reliability by the independent testing institute COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). Rolex's Air-King model, like all Rolex luxury watches, features a 904L stainless steel case. The latter is mainly used in the field of high technology, chemical industry, as well as aviation, as it ensures the highest corrosion resistance. The innovative superalloy impresses with extreme hardness and can also be polished to a high shine. Stainless steel 904L retains its luster as well as its beauty even under extraordinary conditions.

Swiss watchmaking art - the Rolex luxury watch manufacture

Rolex is considered a pioneer in the conception of wristwatches. The manufacture stands for the development and production of all relevant components for its wristwatches. This begins, for example, with the casting of the gold alloys, continues with the production and individual processing, and ends with the assembly or finishing of the movements, cases and dials, as well as the respective bracelet. Rolex's newly developed Air-King model reflects the intense relationship between Rolex and the golden age of aviation in the 1930s. During this era, aircraft technology developed rapidly, enabling incredible performance that soon allowed for the first long-range flights. Aviation pioneers, such as Britain's Charles Douglas Barnard, were absolutely delighted with the Rolex Oyster and its suitability for aviation in terms of reliability and accuracy.