Zenith Defy

The Zenith Defy collection is a fresh combination of craftsmanship excellence and creativity that provides a novel style. The bold designs are exceptional creations that accurately reflect the philosophy of the Zenith luxury watch brand. The luxury watches from the house of Zenith prove to be particularly robust. Top chronographs from the collection can stop times down to hundredths of a second, are water+resistant to a maximum of 100 bar (1,000 meters) or feature a tourbillon. The Zenith brand has been making robust sports watches since 1969. Thanks to its extremely high balance wheel frequency, which amounts to 36,000 vibrations per hour (A/h), the El Primero caliber was much more precise than all other automatic chronograph movements at the time. At that time, even tenths of a second could be stopped.

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Currently available Zenith Defy watches

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Designed for extreme performance

The Zenith Defy El Primero 21, for example, can stop times even more precisely. The wristwatch model, which was presented at BASELWORLD 2017, is capable of precisely stopping hundredths of a second. However, top performances of this kind can only be achieved with an exceptional caliber. Zenith has therefore developed an innovative caliber equipped with two independent escapement and oscillating systems. One is responsible for the time display in the Zenith Defy. As usual with the El Primero caliber, the balance wheel frequency here is 36,000 A/h. The second serves the chronograph function and has a balance wheel frequency of 360,000 A/h, which corresponds to 50 Hz. With this caliber, the Zenith brand has introduced something very special to the luxury watch market.

Distinctive luxury watches from Le Locle/Switzerland

The Zenith Defy collection was already released at the end of the 1960s. The Defy series generally consists of durable, highly robust wristwatches that are shockproof and water-resistant. Special models are, for example, the Defy Xtreme chronographs. These are extravagantly designed wristwatches that have a time stop function and are water-resistant to a maximum of 1,000 meters (100 bar).