Bulgari luxury watch was born from the idea of a limited edition digital watch with the inscription "Bulgari Roma". It was given as a special Christmas gift to the 100 most significant customers of the brand in 1975. Seeing that the special display of attention was met with enormous acclaim, a similar model, the Bulgari Bulgari, was launched two years later - completely without announcement, but the hoopla surrounding the much-anticipated new release was all the greater.

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The celebrated Roman

The design of the popular watch even made history, as the engraved logo was incorporated into the design of the timepiece and in this way became the hallmark of the brand. The logo was inspired by coins from ancient Rome. The idea for the cylindrical case shape of the Bulgari Bulgari also came from the architecture of the eternal city. Inspired by the historical roots of the brand, the innovative Bulgari Bulgari results in a great interplay of tradition and modernity. The elegant style of this watch collection has been captivating the eye for many years now, and there is no end in sight to this successful series. The various available versions offer the ideal watch for every gender and every taste. No wishes are left unfulfilled here. The timeless design is also always appropriate. Thus, a Bulgari Bulgari model is always the right choice for everyone and for every occasion. High-quality materials such as stainless steel, gold and leather make this watch a resistant treasure that defies all the stresses and strains of time and thus also gladly finds its way into the lore of the next important family heirloom.