Bulgari Serpenti

Luxurious wearing comfort, noble material combinations, innovative craftsmanship, precision and a sensual glamorous design characterize the watch model Serpenti of the Italian luxury brand Bulgari. Due to its double-curved, nobly designed, interchangeable Karung leather straps, this exciting watch model captivates with its ability for perpetually pronounced changeability. The filigree luxury watch, equipped with precise quartz movement, robust stainless steel or rose gold case, durable stainless steel crown, long-lasting stainless steel buckle, precious metals and precious gemstones, can be easily personalized and ideally adapted to the individual style of its wearer.

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Precious materials meet a sense of social responsibility

Accordingly, watches from the Bulgari Serpenti product line are above-average in originality and predestined to be worn by quality-conscious women who love change, want to set themselves apart from the masses and keep open the option of constantly reinventing themselves. The Bulgari Serpenti, finished with a choice of diamonds and mother-of-pearl dial, is thus a tribute to the heart of Serpenti's signature design, the iconic snake head. All the elements incorporated in the watches of the Serpenti model line are obtained and processed in a conflict-free and responsible manner. The models of the Serpenti product series therefore blend exclusive luxury materials, the highest quality guidelines and social responsibility to perfection, which is why the watches can be classified as synonymous with holistic top or premium quality.

Bulgari, the Italian luxury brand for unique high-end jewelry

Since its foundation in 1884 by the Italian-Greek Sotirio Bulgari, the luxury brand Bulgari has been the epitome of the finest luxury jewelry creations of superlatives. The trained silversmith created unique silver ornaments in his Rome-based company, which were extremely popular among British tourists in particular and helped the brand achieve international fame. With the entry of Sotirio's sons into the company during the 1920s, the coveted brand focused on expanding its portfolio. Based on the silversmith's art, from then on the company produced noble high jewelry creations, characterized by the incorporation of precious metals and gemstones. The use of platinum and diamonds is therefore characteristic of Bulgari jewelry from the 1920s and 1930s. During the 1940s, the brand developed its extraordinary Italian Bulgari style, dominated by sunny yellow gold as well as sleek coils, which today's Serpenti collection picks up in style. In the decades that followed, the luxury brand continued to surprise with new innovations that permanently changed the jewelry industry. Driven by boundless creativity, the jewelry designers continue to create refined high-end jewelry made of the finest materials, which feel like a second skin and arouse the desire of third parties.