Chanel J12

Timeless, elegant, sporty - this is the best way to describe the Chanel J12. With its sporty character, this classic timepiece is a watch that emphasizes a very special attitude for its wearer. Whoever wears the Chanel J12 on their wrist knows exactly where they are headed.

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Timeless classic reinterpreted

Originally intended as an elegant watch for men and women who needed a timepiece on the sailboat that transmitted all important data at a glance, the Chanel J12 has now become more and more of a fashion statement. The timeless design makes this elegant timepiece a favorite accessory of fashion-conscious ladies, for whom a watch is also an expression of style.

First-class watchmaking for the highest demands

The fact that the sporty and elegant J12 from the house of Chanel can meet the high demands of fashion-conscious women is made clear by the high-quality workmanship. Made of ceramic for eternity, virtually indestructible, the J12 withstands even the highest demands to meet the carefree lifestyle of the wearer at any time. The precise movement from the Chanel Manufacture always ensures that the time is accurate to the second on any occasion. An icon of traditional watchmaking, the Chanel J12, modeled after the sailboat shapes of America's Cup participants, is a timepiece that will resonate with watch collectors and classic watch enthusiasts alike. The sporty and elegant design, coupled with the highest quality, becomes a marriage that results in a watch that can delight everyone.

Watches from the house of Chanel

Chanel stands for elegance that will withstand the test of time. Not only in fashion, but also in the watch manufacture, the French traditional company proves its flair for timeless classics. In the production of watches Chanel focuses on the highest quality and last but not least on luxury, which Chanel lovers are accustomed to from the world-famous company. Timepieces from the house of Chanel impress with the best quality and the exclusive design.