Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph

The Vintage Healey Chronograph by Frédérique Constant comes from the collection developed in honor of the famous Healey racing cars. The chronograph has a few more special features compared to the classic Healey. It is also available with a dark green dial combined with medium brown leather strap, in addition to the two central versions in white, silver, black and white, gold, dark brown color combinations. Furthermore, the strap of each version has large fashionable cutouts - trendy hole look with a twist!

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The Vintage Rally Healey Series

The dial of the Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph is also strongly reminiscent of the impressive dashboard of noble and fast classic cars. In particular, the integrated Healey logo above 6 o'clock gives this luxurious timepiece that special retro flair. Compared to the classic Healey, all numerals here have been replaced by indices and the distinctive colored circle markings have been omitted. In this way, watch fans of all tastes who want to get a Healey can weigh exactly which of the three editions and which individual specimen out of them suits them best. With the great variety of the Healey series, everyone will find what they are looking for. Another advantage of this special collection. The glamorous chronograph is quite a successful homage to the elegant classic cars and their exciting races. The ideal companion, therefore, for all watch and vintage car lovers who do not want to miss out on the famous Swiss watchmaking art and fast luxury cars - and even more so on the stylish fusion of the two. The Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph is thus another innovative model from the house of Frédérique Constant inspired by noble nostalgic vehicles, and it certainly won't be the last. We are thrilled and look forward to more.